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Road to the Top: How Outsourcing Freight Billing Drives Rank for Carriers

Amid a volatile labor market, relentless supply chain challenges, the trucking industry has proven to be proactive, smart, competitive, and agile, and the carriers featured on the 2022 Transport Topics' Top 100 For-Hire Carriers List reflect this strength and tenacity. Most reported increased profits and greater revenue than the year prior, showing they can keep operations moving efficiently even as the demand for freight surged post-pandemic.

What do they have in common?

One Secret Weapon

When reviewing these carriers, trends emerge that show business goals and priorities that all high ranking companies have in common. Over the last year, carriers have conquered new ground in innovating processes, maximizing visibility, providing the best possible customer service, and establishing robust business continuity. 

To meet these objectives while ensuring continued success and sustainable growth in today's economy, our industry-leading partners share a secret weapon: Outsourcing freight billing.

By outsourcing freight billing processes, our partners have been able to strengthen their businesses to navigate disruptions effectively while growing profits thanks to faster cashflow, streamlined operations, increased profitability, reduced overhead, and unyielding business continuity. 

Several of the Transport Topics' Top For-Hire Carriers rely on DDC. Here's how it drives rank for them and wha you can expect by outsourcing freight billing:

  • Keep Freight Moving: Pandemic, political uncertainty, labor shortages, and other circumstances should not disrupt the back office. Your BPO partner should promise business continuity backed by structure and sophistication. For example, DDC FPO partners benefit from our ISO22301:2019 accreditation and our proven procedures to maintain SLAs despite COVID-19 and many other external market forces over the last 17 years.
  • Scale Confidently: With access to a scalable, dedicated team of freight billing experts, you can confidently allocate your internal staff to more revenue-building tasks without fear of growing pains, spikes in freight demand (such as peak season), or slow and steady months which may be typically difficult to staff in-house.
  • Expedite Accounts Receivable: Your organization can begin to get paid faster by reducing days sales outstanding (DSO). The rapid processing speed accelerates your cashflow by arming you with advance time to invoice customers. What's more, the guaranteed quality levels ensure you won't have any adjustments or errors to account for.
  • Increase Margins & Cut Expenses: Outsourcing should never cost you. This business move should only grow your spending power, something that all carriers need more of heading into 2023. On average, DDC partners experience an immediate average cost savings of 60 percent. To lock in the value and protect you from inflation, we guarantee long-term cost containment.
  • Improved Service Delivery: The balance, the quality, the consistency, and the turn around time due to improved data accuracy and speed of entry are all immediate benefits that can be passed onto shippers and consignees. This includes cutting hours from your linehaul, promising faster delivery, improved payables experience, and stronger customer experience.

Outsourcing freight billing helps carriers achieve their goals and supports continued growth. When using an outsourcing provider, like DDC FPO, trucking companies experience a multiplier effect in operational efficiency — allowing them to keep their customers at the forefront of their organization while increasing revenue.

We congratulate all our partners who made this year's Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers list. We are honored to continually support so many of you and always be in your corner. To download the full list, click here.

As a trusted industry partner for over 17 years, DDC FPO is responsible for 30% of all LTL bills of lading (BOL) in North America, and our freight billing solutions are custom-tailored to achieve each carrier's unique goals, providing the time to focus on core business matters. Learn more about Freight Billing by DDC on this page.

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