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Processing 30% of all LTL bills in North America, DDC FPO has delivered more successful freight billing solutions for carriers and 3PLs than any other company. We are proud to support our partners with rapid processing, unbeatable accuracy, long-term cost containment and reliable business continuity with customizable solutions specifically tailored to achieve each business' unique goals.

Freight Bill and Outsourced Billing Services

Turn Your Back Office Into a Profit Center

Back Office Data Processing and Remote Billing
The Power of Automation
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Expedite Accounts Receivables
Back Office Business Process Outsourcing and Third Party Billing Freight
Heightened Visibility
Third Party Billing Freight and Freight Bill
Record-High Quality Metrics
Outsourced Billing Services and Back Office Data Processing
Retain & Grow Your Customer Base
Back Office Data Processing and Third Party Billing Freight
Immediate & Long-term Cost Savings


Abandon the traditional rules-based approach to billing with an unstructured, context recognition program that leverages the power of AI to grow smarter with every bill of lading it processes.

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The only proven AI solution for freight billing in the market is also entirely customizable.

  • The document image is received from any partner-preferred source, including FTP, email, fax and in any format including TIF, PDF, DOC and XLS.
  • Documents are classified based on content, reducing manual sorting at scan time.
  • Field and line-item data are extracted and automatically populated into the proper fields.  
  • Extracted information is reconciled against known sources to ensure accuracy and validity independent of misspellings and OCR errors.
  • The data output is seamlessly exported and integrated into any partner-preferred enterprise application and architecture without disrupting business processes.

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