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Don't Leave Money On The Table

No one wants to find themselves scratching their head wondering how their freight bills don’t add up correctly. Transparencies into line items are crucial. Incorrect freight bill entry affects the revenue assessment of your company, which results in inaccurate invoices.


We can examine, adjust and verify carrier freight bills for accuracy. Our auditing model leverages expertise, scalability, flexibility and system compatibility. We understand the critical, confidential nature of Freight Rate Auditing. Rest assured, we place tight controls around the security of your data. Combine this with our industry-trained staff and our extensive list of service capabilities and we’ll equip your back office with the knowledge and resources necessary to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s freight audit.

Freight in Accounting and Freight Audit


Freight Audit and Trucking Accounting Services
Cost Containment
Trucking Accounting Services and Freight Audit Companies
Zero Capital Investment
Freight Audit Companies and Freight Finance
Comprehensive Intelligence
Freight Invoice Processing and Freight in Accounting
 Reduced Risk & Increased
Freight in Accounting and Trucking Accounting Services
Free Internal Resources
Trucking Accounting Services and Freight Invoice Processing
Tighter Controls
Freight Invoice Processing and Freight Audit Companies
High Accuracy Ratings
FPO Solutions and Freight Process Services
Mitigate Errors and Discrepancies
FPo solutions and Freight Outsource Data entry
24/7/365 Processing
Trucking Accounting Services Freight Audit Companies
Faster Invoicing
Freight Invoice Processing
Streamlined Procedures
AP Processing for Multi National Companies
Excellent Customer Service

How we work

Example Of A Typical Rate Audit Process

FPO Solutions and Freight Process Services

  • After the bill entry process is complete, a DDC FPO dedicated rater will verify all of the important fields indicated by the customer, such as freight term, accessorial charges, destination of shipment, pieces, weight, quote code etc., to properly rate the bill with correct pricing and discounts.
  • If the rate is incorrect for any reason due to data discrepancies, DDC FPO will review and make necessary corrections then re-calculate to correct rates. BOLs can be placed on hold by DDC FPO for customer confirmation if recalculations are not solving the discrepancies.
  • After recalculations and rates are completed, the customer will be able to properly invoice its clients.



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