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Proof of Delivery (POD) Processing

Innovate for Agility with DDC’s Proof of Delivery System

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Stop Chasing Down PODs and Start Competing to Win


Successfully navigate increasingly complex global markets with our secure and tech-enabled POD data capture and image retrieval system.

With DDC FPO’s streamlined POD processing workflow, you’ll never lose a record — and you’ll always have the most valuable information for your shippers at your fingertips.

Modernize for the Long Game

Fast and Easy Access to Information

Keep your team and your clients updated with valuable shipping information, including status updates and POD images.

Data Security

Your clients’ information is protected against cyber criminals, hackers and other threats with DDC’s robust, secure network infrastructure to safeguard all records of pertinent data.

System Reliability

DDC FPO’s dependable and scalable POD system is engineered to always perform as needed, regardless of fluctuating shipment volumes or unforeseen circumstances.

High-Impact Efficiencies

Receivables are expedited and productivity is accelerated with rapid processing, seamless image retrieval, integrated technology and strategic resource allocation.

Business Intelligence

Get access to actionable insights and enhanced transparency into your business operations with fast and accurate POD data processing.

How POD Processing with DDC Works

Dedicated freight process specialists log into your client’s POD retrieval area.
Bill of lading numbers are entered into the POD tracing tool.
Each POD receipt is automatically generated into a digital image.
Each image is saved by PRO number and date.
All images are saved into one zip file to ensure no POD receipts are missed.
A full POD status report is generated into an Excel spreadsheet.
The zip file and report are sent via secure P2P connection to the carrier's database/FTP site.
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“DDC was a huge relief for us right out of the gate. We can now promise shorter delivery times.”

The custom companies, inc.

Industry-leading Service and Support

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Industry-leading Service and Support

DDC is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals.

From discovery through testing, onboarding, training, implementation, rollout and beyond, you’ll have a dedicated team assigned to your program. Your team will use a highly personalized approach to identify and customize the best solutions for your specific needs.

Performance Protection:

To achieve and uphold financial and operational excellence for our clients, DDC delivers performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) at locked-in rates for long-term cost containment. As the market becomes volatile or unforeseen circumstances arise, your service with DDC is safeguarded.

As a DDC partner, you’ll benefit from:


Transparent and constant
communication with your DDC team


Proactive risk mitigation


Expert guidance based on
data and experience


Customized capacity forecasting
per client SLAs


Robust, secure network
data infrastructure


Powerful tech stack to promote
interoperability and system functionality

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