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DDC FPO is a strategic partner of transportation and logistics companies worldwide, delivering a range of solutions that enable clients to focus on core competencies and achieve their goals.

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Estes Express Lines
“Since we signed the agreement, DDC has been First Class, all the way. We have been very happy with DDC."
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“We have converted all of our terminals to DDC’s remote bill entry, and we are very happy with the results.”
AAA Cooper Transportation
“Now averaging 99.81% data accuracy, we spend less money and time on corrections, and more on serving our customers. DDC made our company better.”
The Custom Companies, INC

Netherlands Customs Clearance: Switching from AGS to DMS

Big changes are coming to customs processing and customs clearance in the Netherlands.

All existing systems and databases for customs processing are being replaced by one new digital system called Douaneaangiften Management Systeem (DMS).

The systems being replaced include Aangiftesysteem (AGS) as well as Geautomatiseerde Periodieke Aangifte/Schriftelijke Periodieke Aangifte (G(S)PA) and VENUE, the simplified declaration system for e-commerce companies.

Starting 1 January 2023, all traders who submit customs declarations in the Netherlands must submit them via DMS. The final rollout phase began in April, so some companies have already transitioned to DMS.

Why is this change happening, and what does it mean for companies importing into or exporting from the Netherlands?

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