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Customs Brokerage Processing

Ensure Timely Clearance of International Shipments Through Customs with Multilingual Capabilities

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Facilitating Successful Deliveries Across Borders

Customs Brokerage Processing

By staying on top of and implementing changes related to all laws and regulations governing the taxation, import and export of goods, DDC’s Customs Brokerage Processing experts maintain best-in-class service for our customers while keeping up with fluctuating shipment volumes.

Hand off the Burden of International Shipping to DDC

Find and Fix Errors Prior to Customs

DDC catches errors and discrepancies in
shipment data and ensures they are corrected so you can maintain control and confidently service your customers.

Eliminate Language Barriers

Realize timely customs clearance with strategic
multilingual capabilities in over 30 languages,
mitigating data discrepancies and ensuring clear
and consistent communication.

Tap Scalable, Cost-Effective Resources

Across our strategic operating locations, DDC’s
teams of industry-trained and experienced
customs brokerage process experts are dedicated
to each client in strategic workforce plans that
ensure business continuity, labor elasticity and
long-term cost containment.

Avoid Setbacks

DDC accurately identifies tariff and tax
declarations and maintains strict procedural
compliance for all shipments, ensuring that
important fields are all correct and up-to-date
with global and country-specific trade regulations
and system requirements.

Declaration Data Capture

We perform the same duties as international auditors at primary gateways: importing the documents from the origin, auditing and key entering the data into declaration software in order for the shipment to be properly processed and begin on the international route to its consignee.

Documents include:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Letters of Credit
  • Technical Write-ups
  • Packing Slips
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Airway Bills / Bills of Lading
  • House Bills
  • Import Licenses
  • Insurance Certificates

Beyond data capture, DDC’s agents also:

  • Manage daily tracing reports
  • Data match for accuracy against the packing list
  • Confirm compliance with the necessary customs regulations
  • Enter and update shipment data into the client database
  • Perform quality assurance and rectify errors as needed

Tariff Classification

We alleviate the stress of dealing with customs officials by accurately identifying tariff classification and tax declarations for all shipments. We perform advanced data auditing to ensure that important fields are all correct.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Importer of Record
  • Consignee
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Cargo Control Number
  • HVS: High Value Shipment
  • LVS: Low Value Shipment
  • HS or Classification Number
  • Applicable Country (Federal and Provincial) Taxes
  • Tariff Treatment
  • NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement

Additionally, our team can help you apply for Binding Tariff Information (BTI) decisions from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Invoice Returns Matching

Matching the customer to the corresponding shipper is one of the most important steps while processing shipments.

The effects of incorrect matching are severe. For example: In the final import declaration, if the VAT and duty are assigned to the wrong customer, this may be considered a criminal offense in some countries.

DDC’s agents have a firm understanding of assigning shipments to the correct importer in the system, corresponding to the data on the invoice provided.

  • First, agents check if the data on the invoice matches the data in the system.
  • If the matching is correct and invoices are identical, they move on to the next stage.
  • If the information is incorrect, DDC corrects it quickly and effectively on your behalf.
  • This matching of import and export invoices/shipments enables traders to claim return goods relief on returned sales.

Customer Contact

DDC’s multilingual customs agents will communicate with your customers and other stakeholders in the customs clearance process on behalf of your brand. We’ll contact customers via phone, e-mail, text and/or chat in a wide array of languages.

Here are some examples of situations that warrant customer outreach:
  • Requesting authorization (some countries require authorization on matters such as power of attorney from the customer if the products in transit exceed a certain amount)
  • When shipments are sent with special instructions
  • If the items shipped must go through an inspection process (e.g. medical equipment, items with chemical elements, weapons, etc.)
  • When the invoice was not sent or is missing from the batch of shipment documents, DDC will request for the shipper to send the copy of the invoice
  • If there’s information missing on the invoice (such as an address or a tax ID number)
  • To inform the customer that items are being returned to the sender for any reason
  • If items are at your storage facility for a prolonged period where specific actions are required (In most instances, customers are directed to the client’s website where they will need to fill out the proper forms related to the issue in order to import/export the items in question)

Declaration Submission & Management

For total end-to-end management of the customs declaration process, our team will:

  • Create, submit and amend customs declarations
  • Monitor progress throughout the declaration process
  • Manage any exceptions generated
  • Contact customs authorities when necessary

Customs Consultancy

Take full advantage of DDC’s customs expertise. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will make sure you utilize the right customs options for your business by providing:

  • Up-to-date information about procedure changes as regulations evolve
  • Customized reporting and performance insights
  • Strategic plans to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency
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We had already experienced success with DDC’s origin data capture solutions so we were confident that their other services would help us prepare for the process changes Brexit would require, like customs processing.

Top 5 Global Transport & Logistics Provider

Industry-leading Service and Support

Group 80 (1)

Industry-leading Service and Support

DDC is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals.

From discovery through testing, onboarding, training, implementation, rollout and beyond, you’ll have a dedicated team assigned to your program. Your team will use a highly personalized approach to identify and customize the best solutions for your specific needs.

Performance Protection:

To achieve and uphold financial and operational excellence for our clients, DDC delivers performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) at locked-in rates for long-term cost containment. As the market becomes volatile or unforeseen circumstances arise, your service with DDC is safeguarded.

As a DDC partner, you’ll benefit from:


Transparent and constant
communication with your DDC team


Proactive risk mitigation


Expert guidance based on
data and experience


Customized capacity forecasting
per client SLAs


Robust, secure network
data infrastructure


Powerful tech stack to promote interoperability and system functionality

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