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Auto-Extraction & Structuring

Obtain Usable Data in Real Time with the Power of Automated Machine Learning

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Structure Unstructured Data in Real Time


Structure Unstructured Data in Real Time

DDC’s Auto-Extraction & Structuring solution leverages machine learning to catalyze freight operations by dramatically reducing the time, labor, and errors associated with document processing. 

Backed by 34 years of data capture experience and 18 years of freight expertise, our proprietary, cutting-edge machine-learning technology automates the entire data extraction and structuring process. 

It also integrates seamlessly with our other intelligent solutions — including DDC Sync, which includes a native Android app for in-cab, intelligent mobile data capture — ensuring that high-quality and precise data is at your fingertips when it's needed most. 


Elevate Your Efficiency and Strategic Advantage

Increased Profitability

Reduces the required keying, empowering you to save or reinvest overhead costs to align with your strategic priorities.

Optimized Performance

Faster, cleaner data delivered seamlessly to preferred systems allows for smarter decision-making and exponential efficiency.

Competitive Advantage

Digital transformation is a critical component of the next-generation supply chain. Be prepared to compete in the freight market of the future.

Key Features

Unrestricted Volume

Significant volumes of documents can be received and automatically processed concurrently without slowing down the engine.

Real-Time Turnaround

Within seconds upon receipt, the Auto-Extraction & Structuring solution turns around and delivers structured data, putting shipment data in your hands instantaneously. 

Hassle-Free Integration

Auto-Extraction & Structuring receives bill of lading data in any shape or form, organizes it according to your needs, and transmits it into your preferred system via API.

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Auto-Extraction & Structuring uses machine-learning algorithms to discover, analyze, and cluster unlabeled datasets without the need for human intervention.

Virtuous Learning

Machine-learning technology intelligently learns with each document for continuous refinement and increased speed.

Reliable & Accurate

Auto-Extraction & Structuring provides precise and timely data to route shipments properly, mitigate churn, invoice correctly, and provide best-in-class service.

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Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) Flexibility

Built for scale, the Auto-Extraction & Structuring solution has highly configurable redundancy and security, allowing us to tailor the infrastructure for your needs.


Industry-leading Service and Support

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Industry-leading Service and Support

DDC is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals.

From discovery through testing, onboarding, training, implementation, rollout, and beyond, you’ll have a dedicated team assigned to your program. Your team will use a highly personalized approach to identify and customize the best solutions for your specific needs.

Performance Protection:

To achieve and uphold financial and operational excellence for our clients, DDC delivers performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) at locked-in rates for long-term cost containment. As the market becomes volatile or unforeseen circumstances arise, your service with DDC is safeguarded.

As a DDC partner, you’ll benefit from:


Transparent and constant
communication with your DDC team


Proactive risk mitigation


Expert guidance based on
data and experience


Customized capacity forecasting
per client SLAs


Robust, secure network
data infrastructure


Powerful tech stack to promote
interoperability and system functionality

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