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The Custom Companies:
Promising Shorter Delivery Times Thanks to Strategic LTL Billing Program

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By trusting DDC FPO with their freight billing, The Custom Companies has seen a multiplier effect in operational efficiency. This has allowed them to keep their customers at the forefront of their customer-centric organization.

After seeing positive results with their freight billing initiative, The Custom Companies is going green and implementing electronic bills and digital signatures. This includes investing heavily in system connectivity for their carrier network and strategic EDI partnerships in order to improve visibility.



Leading Asset-Light Domestic and International Transportation Company

The Custom Companies, Inc., is a “Transportation Company” committed to meeting shippers’ needs by providing “World Class Service” with a hands-on, personalized approach. Headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, The Custom Companies Inc. offers a complete range of Transportation Services including 50 State Less than Truckload (LTL), Domestic and International Air Freight, Dedicated Contract Cartage, Direct Mail Distribution Services, Expedited Ground Services, Hot Shot Services, Intermodal Services, Local Cartage, Logistics Management, Pick & Pack Services, and Full and Partial Truckload Services within North America.

The Challenge

Back Office Staff Retention 

The Custom Companies already had an impressive technology portfolio, but it struggled to maintain back office staff. BPO was a thought the company had entertained, but it wasn’t until he met Chad Crotty, DDC’s Vice President of Sales, when Klikas said he recognized that this was something they should pursue.

We are customer-centric. Our service to our customers defines everything we do as a company and how we organize ourselves."

The Solution

A More Strategic and Consistent Freight Billing Process

The partnership began with an LTL billing program in January 2020. Despite a production rollout amid the onset of COVID-19, Klikas reported that the onboarding was excellent, as well as the handling of pandemic-induced volume fluctuations.

“DDC was a huge relief for us right out of the gate,” said Klikas. “The balance, the consistency, and the turn around time due to improved accuracy and speed of entry were all immediate benefits we could pass onto our customers.”

According to Klikas, the new speed of entry enabled The Custom Companies to cut hours out of linehaul schedule and enhance service delivery to its customers. “We can now promise customers shorter delivery times,” he said.

"We now average 99.81% accuracy, which allows us to have greater confidence in our information, spend less money and less time on shipment correction, and dedicate more resources to serving our customers. DDC FPO made our company better and allowed us to rethink other pieces of what we do," said Joseph Klikas, The Custom Companies' CXO.

Goals Achieved
  • Rapid Bill Entry Speed
  • 99.81% Data Accuracy
  • Strengthened Client Experience
  • Expanded Operational Efficiencies
  • Enhanced Scalability & Agility
  • Reliable Business Continuity


DDC FPO is a trusted strategic partner for transportation and logistics companies worldwide. Contact us to learn how we can support your success.