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DDC Sync

Connecting the data, people, and processes of freight operations so you can work in harmony.

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It’s Time to Revolutionize Data Capture

Today’s motor carriers are constantly seeking ways to boost efficiency, such as having drivers capture bill of lading (BOL), label, or proof of delivery (POD) data while on the move to reduce turnaround time.

However, most applications in use for this process don’t adequately capture data — they require drivers to capture an image of the freight document for historical record and key the relevant data. The result? Process fragmentation, human error, and longer turnaround times. Cumbersome procedures are created to side-step workflow incompatibility. Drivers spend less time delivering freight. Unnecessary investments are made in an effort to maintain a suboptimal operation.

It’s time to leave these outdated processes in the rearview.


Connecting Back Office Staff and Truck Drivers on the Road

Meet DDC Sync, the enterprise solution that connects every segment of freight operations, enabling motor carriers to streamline back office operations, reduce human error, increase driver retention, grow margins, and expedite receivables.

Optimize Freight Operations by Empowering Drivers

Optimize Freight Operations by Empowering Drivers

DDC Sync arms you with effective terminal management and actionable insights to optimize your logistics planning for a truly synchronized business.

Combining an intuitive native Android app for in-cab, smart capture of freight documents, and a robust web portal with strategic transportation support functions, this enterprise solution increases end-to-end transparency with cutting-edge driver tracking, real-time reporting, and automated alerts.

DDC Sync captures data much quicker than current data collection methods, streamlining route and logistics planning while simultaneously reducing the workload for your back office teams.


Quickly Capture Data


Drive Back Office Efficiency


Multiply End-to-End Visibility


Smart OCR Image Capture

Diminish human error by automatically capturing, enhancing, and cropping different types of freight paperwork in the cab.

Driver Tracking & GPS Tagging​

Gain precise, real-time tracking data, and expand margins with more efficient routing and forecasting.​

Secure Communication​

Grow driver retention with streamlined, documented driver-terminal communication, a collaborative, connected driver community, and a secure company news feed.

Instant Reporting & Automated Alerts​

Leverage real-time visibility and reporting on shipments, drivers, and assets.

Driver Incident Log

Strengthen incident response processes with geo-target documents, photos, and videos.

Document Inventory Management

Access historic log of scanned documents for insightful customer service and timely payment authorizations.


Secure user adoption and increase driver retention with interactive leaderboards and an engaging reward program.

Customizable Terminal Control

Keep the data that matters the most to your organization in plain sight and protected with secure, role-based access.

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