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Back Office Solutions

  • icon-freight-billing
    Freight Billing

    Responsible for one-third of all LTL bills of lading in North America, DDC FPO’s freight billing experts serve in dedicated teams to capture and process bill of lading data. Our clients are able to expedite accounts receivables and get invoices to their shippers faster and with guaranteed accuracy.

    Learn more about Freight Billing
  • icon-rate-auditing
    Freight Rate Auditing

    Leveraging experience, scalability, flexibility and system compatibility, DDC’s freight back office experts examine, adjust and verify carrier rates for accuracy after the bill entry process is complete to ensure successful invoicing.

    Learn more about Freight Rate Auditing
  • cbp
    Customs Brokerage Processing

    DDC’s multilingual Customs Brokerage Processing experts maintain best-in-class service for our customers while keeping up with the fluctuating volume of shipments. Our services provide massive savings while simultaneously enhancing each partner's productivity, accuracy, communication and safety.


    Learn more about Customs Brokerage Processing
  • icon-pod-processing
    POD Processing

    With DDC’s secure and tech-enabled DDC’s Proof of Delivery (POD) processing and image retrieval service, you’ll never lose a record and will always have the most valuable information for your shippers at your fingertips.

    Learn more about POD Processing

Front Office Solutions

  • icon-customer-care
    Customer Care

    DDC transforms your customer service operation into a long-term relationship-builder that generates repeat business and drives your customers to choose you over your competitors. Timely and complete resolution is delivered in over 30 languages, across a wide array of communication channels, and for a diverse selection of key service processes.

    Learn more about Customer Care
  • icon-handshake
    Carrier Onboarding

    DDC’s Carrier Onboarding solution is a resource-efficient and fully customizable approach to securing new shipping partners for your carrier network. Book more freight faster by transferring administrative responsibilities and monitoring processes to our dedicated team.

    Learn more about Carrier Onboarding
  • icon-track-trace
    Track & Trace

    Our customizable Track & Trace programs are designed to grow customer trust and help you fulfill your promises to your shippers. Our solution effectively identifies the current location of your shipments, traces them to the route, determines time of arrival, and keeps customers updated.

    Learn more about Track & Trace

Technology Solutions

  • DDC_AES_Cloud (1)
    Auto-Extraction & Structuring

    Leveraging artificial intelligence, Auto-Extraction & Structuring automatically extracts raw data and transforms it into actionable insights in real time. 

    Learn more about Auto-Extraction & Structuring
  • DDC_SyncIcon_logo
    DDC Sync

    DDC Sync is an enterprise solution that connects people, processes, and data so your freight operations work in harmony.

    Learn more about DDC Sync
  • icon-it-outsourcing
    IT Outsourcing

    Due to supply chain complexity and the fact that not every company invests in technology at the same level, seamless integration continues to be a challenge. Our IT outsourcing services — software programming, application development and more — boost your performance while simultaneously shrinking your overhead.

    Learn more about IT Outsourcing

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