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'Clients at the Heart of the Business': COO Marissa Crotty Reflects on Growth, Forecasts Future as She Marks 15-year Anniversary

Now serving as COO and President, Marissa Crotty has been an integral and fundamental part of DDC’s continued growth and success since joining the company in 2006.

In honor of her 15th year with the company, we sat down with Marissa to gain some insight into her experience leading the DDC family, the challenges the company has overcome, the company's future, and more.

MC HeadshotHappy 15 years! You started in 2006 – How has DDC evolved over the years?

When I first joined DDC, there were three US-based companies, and DDC was on the verge of a pivotal transition into the freight industry. This transition helped launch the one US-based company we have today, DDC FPO.  

DDC has evolved into a more focused, strategy-oriented company that truly has the client at the heart of our businessWe’ve transitioned into a company that aims to be a strategic partner for our clients as opposed to a third-party vendor.  

How would you describe what you do?

My role has evolved greatly over the years, but I would describe what I do as a “wearer of many hats” At the core of everything I do, I try to focus on building the strongest internal foundations for both the company and the team. I am a problem solver by nature, and I enjoy analyzing our company, operations, and teams and looking for ways to create and drive both operational efficiencies and increased revenue growth. 

What is your favorite thing about working at DDC?

Our team! We have such an amazing and talented group of individuals on our team and we’ve been able to maintain a wonderful sense of family throughout our growth. 

What do you feel are some of your biggest projects or accomplishments since starting at DDC?

Transitioning DDC from three North American-based companies down to one and both maintaining and building our incredible team are my biggest accomplishments. 

In your perspective, what sets DDC apart from other companies? 

DDC Philippines team meeting

Our client-centered, flexible approach combined with our fabulous team of people. 


Is there a single event, trial, or tribulation experienced, phase endured, or opportunity seized that you’re most proud of for how the DDC team handled it?

I am incredibly proud of how all our teams – across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific – responded in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite any disruption the pandemic may have caused in personal lives, our teams continued to show up and excel for DDC and our clients.

Looking ahead, what excites you about DDC’s future? What do current partners need to know about DDC’s goals for 2021 and beyond?

I am extremely excited about the growth strategies we have laid out for the coming years. One of our main goals is to continue to be a strategic partner for our clients and to grow those relationships. I hope our commitment to being an integral part of our clients’ businesses shines through.  

Family, fun and flexibility are just some words used to describe the values at DDC. What does that mean to you? How important are these values within DDC? Any examples?

In my opinion, those three words are really the bedrock of what DDC was built upon and has grown on. You see it exemplified in our three founding partners, who are quite literally both family and friends, and those values have been passed on and down through the individual companies.  

How does DDC impact other communities in which its team lives and works?

DDC has always strived to make a positive IMG_9655impact on the communities in which we live and work. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been an important part of our internal conversation and every year, we look to add to the charities and communities that we support. We genuinely believe that our company has a responsibility to give back and we look to expand our CSR footprint even more in the coming years.  

What advice would you give to someone who was considering DDC FPO as a partner?

Approach a partnership with DDC FPO as an opportunity to grow and expand your business. Our team is passionate about creating customizable solutions that not only help solve your business needs, but that will also help your business innovate and remain competitive. 

If there is one thing, you wish other individuals outside of the company knew about DDC employees, what would it be?

We have the most dedicated team, and I hope the fact that so many of our employees have been with us for 10+ years speaks to the positive and innovative culture we have created.  

If there is one thing you wish people knew about DDC as a company or outsourcing in general– what would it be? 

Business and commerce have changed over the years and we pride ourselves on being a part of the global business community. Outsourcing should never be viewed in a negative light – it allows businesses to focus on their core business functions and achieve new heights by leveraging a global community of scale and flexibility.

Congratulations on 15 years of accomplishments at DDC, Marissa! 

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