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We are the freight-focused division of The DDC Group; a worldwide network of business process outsourcing (BPO) experts and solutions. We keep the top transportation companies in North America ahead of ever-changing market demands.

Started in 2005, DDC FPO partners with freight and logistics organizations across North America to identify critical business functions that are traditionally managed through siloed departments, and reallocate those operations to offshore production and onshore management teams. Through our unique model, we are able to help the logistics industry capitalize on opportunities for technology integration, while helping them achieve greater operational and financial efficiencies. That's what makes DDC, your freight back office partner.


Here are some fast facts about DDC FPO:

  • Ranked #1 For Customized Freight Solutions
  • 7,000+ Employees Worldwide To Service Your Back Office Needs Including Accounting, Finance & Customer Service
  • Process Over 30% Of All LTL Bills In The United States
  • Serve 30% Of Top-Ranked Trucking Companies By Revenue
  • 5,00 LTL Industry-Trained, Carrier-Dedicated Staff Members
  • Operate In 40+ Languages
  • Certifications Include: HIPAA; APSC; ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001
  • Process Over 300,000 Shipments Per Day, Worldwide
  • Service Across North America, UK, Europe And Asia-Pacific