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Social Responsibility & Reinvestment


Corporate social responsibility (CSR)  has been a pillar the DDC organization  since its founding. Over the past 30 years, the company has performed countless acts of service and presented numerous donations to support a diverse range of initiatives for good in all areas where their teams live and work- from providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to truck drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic, to building expansions for hospitals,  filling libraries in schools, and creating a 501(c)(3) organization to fuel the rehabilitation and recovery of the Philippines after the 2013 typhoon Haiyan, and much more. 


We take our role as an influential corporate citizen seriously.  For more information on our different initiatives, please see highlights below. If you'd like to learn more about one of our DDC Cares programs specifically or would like to learn more about joining DDC in our CSR, please complete this quick webform or contact us at info@ddcfpo.com.

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We put our heads and hands together to mitigate health risks for communities with limited access to care. We help hospitals expand with dedicated wings for appropriate special care units, supply equipment for treatment, and even build out testing labs for prevention and identification of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

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Here at DDC, we believe that the best tool for empowerment is education. That's why we works with bright students in low income communities via our ICOT-P Program. Over the course of their academic careers, ICOT-P Program students intern with DDC and learn how to code along with other valuable trade skills. 
Additionally, DDC is honored to be able to donate libraries, classrooms, multimedia supplies and even build entire schools for disadvantaged communities.

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Community Well-being

From implementing an all-new, long-term air conditioning system in orphanages to installing water systems, electricity, and free wi-fi networks, we have many initiatives focused on improving the quality of life and promoting the health and safety of people across the world.

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Official Haiyan Relief Fund

In response to the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan, DDC created a 501(c)3 charity that raised thousands of dollars and provided that targeted resources to help our community recover and re-build –including infrastructure materials, education and hospital supplies.

Local Employee Initiatives

DDC supports charitable goals of individual team members across all sites by providing paid time off for service. For example, DDC FPO Client Account Manager Lisa Gill in Atlanta , GA volunteers with her local Salvation Army, and SVP of Client Services Donna Kintop in Boca Raton, FL aids in dog rescue.


"We want our people to choose causes close to their hearts," explains Jan Trevalyan, The DDC Group CEO. "The power is in their hands to make a difference where it matters most to them."

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The DDC Group Leyte Foundation

DDC handles the collection and distribution of funds to help the people of Leyte. Through this foundation, we have established long-term relationships with the Manila and Leyte communities and collaborative initiatives with government leaders.