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Social Responsibility & Reinvestment


DDC takes a strong stance on our environmental responsibilities. We continuously seek to improve our environmental performance by rolling out our ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management System across the whole Group. We are dedicated to managing our environmental policy and encourage participation from all employees to minimize our environmental impact.


The DDC Group has operated in the Philippines since 1989. We deeply value the camaraderie, dedication and loyalty of the people and community there. In line with DDC’s company philosophy to give back, we are delighted to unveil some of our recent initiatives in Leyte Province. Through our long-term relationship with the Leyte community, DDC has established a collaborative initiative between itself and Leyte leaders. Check out a few of the community initiatives we are proud to have supported.

Freight Audit Companies and FPO Solutions and Direct Data Capture

We put our heads and hands together to build six private hospital rooms
that will help the hospital to generate enough revenue to self-finance and re-invest in its future.

Freight Audit Companies and Direct Data Capture with Remote Freight Bill Entry

Here at DDC, we believe that the best tool for empowerment is education. We were honored to be able to construct and donate a two-room school building to the aspiring youth of Leyte.

Remote Freight Bill Entry and Data Capture Solutions

The circumstances children are born into should not affect their quality of life. To support the children of Orphanage Leyte, we implemented an all-new, long-term air conditioning system.

Direct Data Capture and Remote Freight Data Entry and Data Capture Solutions

In response to the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan, DDC created a 501(c)3 charity that raised thousands of dollars and provided that targeted resources to help our community recover and re-build –including infrastructure materials, education and hospital supplies.

DDC FPO Solutions and ICOT-P Program including Direct Data Capture

DDC works with bright, low-income students in our Philippines communities. Over the course of their academic careers, ICOT-P Program students intern with DDC and learn how to code along with other valuable trade skills. Upon graduation from high school, DDC hires them on full time, where they earn a good income and great health benefits for themselves and their families. Helping the next generation and their families is a great win-win!

Remote Freight Bill Entry and Freight Outsource Data Entry

DDC handles the collection and distribution of funds to help the people of Leyte. Through this foundation, we have established long-term relationships with the Manila and Leyte communities and collaborative initiatives with government leaders.