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Meet DDC's Executive Team

Art Zipkin, Expert in FPO Solutions and Direct Data Capture

Art Zipkin

President | North America

Art graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management. After graduation, he managed operations and new business initiatives for Milliken & Company, John Harland Company (now Harland Clarke), IMTECH, Input Services and Lason. Art joined DDC in 2003 and helped to develop some of the company's first US-based BPO clients out of its Georgia operation through DDC OS USA & later, DDC FPO in Colorado. He has led the company through exponential growth in the AP, Freight/LTL Carrier, Insurance, Medical Payment and Shared Services markets. Through the years, he has formed strong partnerships with leaders across industries, and he has witnessed DDC's North American clientele grow exponentially. In his free time, Art enjoys spending quality time with his family in the Georgian countryside.

Marissa Crotty Expert in Freight Outsource Data entry and FPO Solutions

Marissa Crotty

Chief Operating Officer- The DDC Group | North America

Before joining DDC, Marissa took her Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science from the University of Wisconsin to the legal field in the U.S. Virgin Islands. After joining the DDC family in 2006, she moved back to the continental U.S. where she oversaw the incorporation of DDC FPO in Colorado. As a member of the global executive management team, Marissa works closely with state-side DDC President Art Zipkin, as well as The DDC Group’s CEO & Co-Founder Jan Trevalyan. In addition to her work with DDC, Marissa graduated in 2010 with an honors degree in Pastry Arts from the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Beyond all things culinary, she enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors and spending quality time with her family.

Chad Headshot_Jan2019

Chad Crotty

Vice President of Sales | North America

Chad joined the DDC team in 2010 to facilitate sales growth for our North American divisions. He came to DDC with over 20 years of sales, marketing, and brand management experience. Prior to joining the team, he previously developed regional markets in the highly competitive wholesale liquor industry managing premium brands under the Pernod Ricard and Anheuser-Busch InBev portfolio. Through Chad's direction, DDC has experienced aggressive growth to become one of today's BPO industry leaders in the freight/LTL space. Chad graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. He has settled in Colorado with his wife and two children, where DDC is headquartered. Personally, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading a good adventure book, or exploring the endless amounts of beautiful places in the Western US.

Quetura Hudson Expert in electronic POD and Outsourced Freight billing Services

Quetura Hudson

Vice President of Project Management | North America

Prior to joining DDC’s project management team in 2006, Quetura managed data entry and processing teams in the non-profit sector at Grizzard Communications Group. Today, she collaborates with DDC’s departments and international divisions to develop solution offerings for Freight, HR, Banking and Medical Payment clientele. In addition to overseeing our North American projects, Quetura works closely with DDC’s HR team to implement “team building” initiatives for DDC OS USA’s employees, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Quetura graduated Magna Cum Laude from Albany State University with a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Science Administration. Outside of DDC, you can find her spending time with her family and friends.

DKintop Profile Picture Tan

Donna Kintop

Senior Vice President, Client Experience | North America

As a results-driven leader recognized for superior business, organization, and communication skills, Donna Kintop joins DDC with over 20+ years of experience in the freight, BPO, logistics, and utilities sectors.  She has a proven track record specifying and running high value projects across these sectors and setting up facilities in India, the Philippines, and South Africa.  Her demonstrated ability to create and execute dramatically successful programs stems from her deep and wide skillset, covering organizational operations, customer behavior, technical support, account management, leadership, training and adult education. Based in sunny Florida, Donna enjoys volunteering at the local food bank and historical society, and she supports animal welfare through a wide range of rescue, rehabilitation and educational programs.

Luna Boyd Expert in Freight Process Services and Intelligent Data Capture

Luna Boyd

Vice President of Client Solutions | North America

Before joining DDC, Luna emigrated from the Philippines to Toronto, Canada. During her time in Canada, she served as a data service supervisor and gained experience in business management and supervisory skills. Luna’s knowledge of challenging objectives and implementation of procedural methods leave DDC clients pleased with the increase in project accuracy and productivity. She has assisted with the creation of the DDC Intelligence System and has created other DDC FPO service offerings including Rate Auditing and POD Retrieval. She has a vast knowledge of the LTL billing industry and her latest projects have her into the world of analytics and website/mobile app development. Luna graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Holy Angel University in the Philippines and earned an operations certificate in Computer Programming Proficiency. Outside of DDC, she enjoys spending time with her husband Raul and their son Thomas. She is a member of Christian World Ministries in Florida, where she serves as President of the Women's Ministry.


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    Rather than move to a centralized model internally, it made sense to engage DDC, who are experts in LTL freight billing. Their learning curve was very short, and they were able to take over the billing function
  • frontline.png
    The folks at DDC are so professional and experienced, our 16-week rollout was completed in a seamless 3 1/2 weeks.
  • RoadRunner.png
    Once we started using DDC FPO, the level of re-rates went down and the billing accuracy went up
  • cfl.png
    What we liked about the DDC Group is that we did not have to teach them to trucking industry. They know what they are doing. They understand the LTL freight business. The DDC Group does an excellent job of bringing a new customer on board, and their follow-up is great.
  • aaa-cooper-logo.jpg
    We have converted all of our terminals to DDC's remote bill entry, and we are very happy with the results.
  • averitt_logo_cmyk.jpg
    We have been extremely pleased with DDC's performance and professionalism.
  • ClearLane.png
    This project has worked as promised by DDC FPO. We did not have to cut any staff from our team. Instead, we simply reallocated our resources to use our staff's time more wisely.
  • logo_ata.png
    In an increasingly competitive market, our members can make their operations more efficient through outsourced billing services like DDC FPO. It can only be a positive for fleets.
  • ticketcorp.png
    The DDC team was extremely open/excited about TicketCorp’s concept for the app, and continue to be. DDC’s team works very collaboratively with us to strategize, brainstorm ideas, and execute the project.
  • tixcity_logoWEB.png
    We needed a partner to help us achieve the data capture necessary to make the Exchanges a success for our partners. DDC provided us with an exceptional solution; building attractive and easy-to-use websites while handling all of the necessary functions.


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