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TST-CF Express: Improving Operational Efficiencies and Saving Costs

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By outsourcing their freight billing processes to DDC, TST-CF Express has benefited with a 99.5% accuracy rating and a 40% annual cost savings, allowing them to focus on their other business goals.

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TST-CF EXPRESS: A leading Candian LTL carrier of TFI International Inc

TST-CF Express offers unparalleled quality service, customer support, and technology, making the LTL carrier the leading provider of time-sensitive LTL services throughout Canada and through their partnership with Saia LTL Freight, the continental United States. 

The Challenge

Climbing Costs & Proliferating Inefficiencies

TST-CF Express needed to put a cap on its operational costs and learned that the most effective long-term solution would be a business process outsourcing (BPO) partnership. The company had background knowledge of DDC's reputation in the industry and received outstanding references for the provider's customizable solutions. In the onboarding phase, DDC was pleased to beat the projected SLA rollout period while achieving new accuracy levels that TST had not previously reached.

Since we signed the agreement, DDC has been first class, all the way. Accurate billing is imperative to us. We have been very happy with DDC.

The Solution

A Succesful BPO Partnership Yielding Augmented Results

TST has improved its operational freight billing efficiencies and has had a cost savings of roughly 40%, which is significant to them. The carrier now has peace of mind to focus on its quality service, customer support, operational excellence, and technology.

Goals Achieved
  • Robust And Reliable Data Protection
  • Improved Accuracy Of Bill Entry Process
  • Heightened Client Experience
  • Increased Visibility To Make Better Business Decisions
  • Quicker Cashflow With Around-The-Clock Processing
  • Adaptability To Meet The Individual Needs Of Your Business

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