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New Tech to Raise the Bar for Carrier-Shipper Customer Experience

On-demand consumer expectations are spearheading the digital transformation of freight and leaving today’s shippers examining their customer experience (CX). How does this impact you, the transportation provider?

As the always-connected consumer expects shippers to step up their game, carriers and 3PLs have to level up, too. Here’s why:

Your shippers are competing with multifaceted end-user demands.

Thanks to e-commerce, not only do consumers expect immediate satisfaction in knowing their order will be received in a timely manner (next and/or same-day delivery), but they also want a thoughtful customer experience (CX).

According to the National Retail Federation, 65% of consumers say they apply “free shipping” search filters before adding products to their online shopping carts. A fast and free shipping promise from your shippers means that you now have to consider optimizing your operational spend in order to offer lower rates and expedite deliveries.  

Moreover, the service demands of your shipper are now reaching far beyond their logistics and delivery expectations. Your customer now wants exceptional support when it’s convenient for them. How you choose to enhance your CX must go outside the traditional customer service channels (such as email and call centers).  

A seamless and connected experience is part of the journey. 

While putting the customer first should already be a part of every carrier’s or 3PL’s mission statement, shippers are depending on you to update and better align your data management strategies with the digital evolution within the freight industry. 

Thanks to improved computing power and access to data in real-time, you can:

At the forefront of this evolution, however, is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which powers machines with human intelligence and makes critical parts of the supply chain even faster.  According to Transport Topics, chatbots are an excellent example of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables valuable connectivity.  Utilizing chatbots allows your customer service team to engage with your shippers in real time and empower them to save time and gain insight. 

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a big area of focus of AI in logistics right now. Essentially, it is how the industrial Internet of things (or IIoT) will work effectively in warehouses and distribution centers in order to facilitate the realization of the next-gen supply chain. Beyond automation, this empowers your applications with cognitive decision-making ability in order to better serve your shippers.

Another example of AI in practice by transportation providers is DDC Auto-Extraction & Structuring. The solution takes raw BOL data and cleanses and structures it based on your business rules within seconds of receipt by leveraging cutting-edge machine learning.

"Our customers want the information faster and faster. It’s really important for us to get the data back to them as fast as humanly possible," said Tad Blackburn, vice president of administration for Estes Express Lines. "DDC's solution allows us to achieve these goals."

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