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What is DDC Intelligence?

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  • Timely And Efficient Delpoyment
  • Built To Scale
  • Experienced And Professional Team
  • Automated, Machine - Learning Service Platform
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of LTL Billing

DDC Intelligence is an AI-powered, full-stack software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is designed to streamline your manual billing process with accuracy rates and processing speeds that multiply your revenue and expedite your accounts receivables. DDC Intelligence is a combination of template-based, template-free and hands-on expert QA processes to equip you with a smarter, stronger, and more strategic back office. The machine-learning characteristics of the solution enable us to read and capture any bill of lading (BOL), and, just like people, it becomes smarter and more accurate with time.

Because DDC Intelligence is a fully customizable solution, we'll want to spend some time together to understand your specific system and design requirements, as well as collect user input to ensure it seamlessly integrates into your workflows. Our experienced team of professionals will be there to help you through the customization, integration, & deployment, and will stay dedicated to meeting and/or exceeding your SLAs throughout the life of our partnership.


DDC Intelligence Offers:

  • Improved Accuracy Of The Bill Entry Process
  • Quicker BOL Data Entry
  • Efficient Preparation for Clean, Collectible Invoices
  • Standardization That Allows For Quality Metrics To Be Met
  • Immediate Cost Containment and Long-term Savings
  • Customized Adaptability To Integrate Seamlessly Into Your Billing Process Workflows

Expert Tip: Invest In Your Team

Stay on top of market activity, tariffs, and other vital factors that affect freight rates.

Key Benefits:

  • Customizable Field Capture Of Any BOL
  • Ability To Default Third-Party Based On Shipper ID & Terms
  • Customizable Field Edits/Format/Instructions Specific To Customers
  • In-Cab Or Terminal Short Bill Process
  • Captures Skeleton Data
  • Provides Short Cut Keys To Reduce Lag Time & Improve Data Entry Speed
  • Customizable Performance Enhancements That Can Be Built To Your Needs
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How Does DDC Intelligence Work?

Example of a typical Freight Bill Entry Solution using DDC Intelligence


DDC Intelligence Remake

  1. The document image is received from any partner-preferred source, including FTP, email, and fax and in any format, including TIF,PDF,DOC and XLS.
  2. Documents are classified based on content, reducing manual sorting at scan time.
  3. Field and line-item data are extracted and automatically populated into the proper fields.
  4. Extracted information is reconciled against known sources to ensure accuracy and validity independent of misspellings and OCR errors.
  5. The data output is seamlessly exported and integrated into any partner-preferred enterprise application and architecture without disrupting business processes.

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