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Online Price-Per-BOL Calculator Equips Finance & Accounting Teams

A new online price-per-bol calculator from DDC FPO equips freight finance and accounting teams with unique back office visibility. 

Freight finance and accounting decision-makers can now achieve competitive back office insight with a new online business tool from DDC FPO, the no. 1 preferred business process outsourcing (BPO) partner of today’s top transportation companies. The Price-Per-BOL Calculator allows for leaders of every carrier and 3PL - regardless of size and structure - to determine how much of their operational costs are paying for in-house bill of lading (BOL) processing.

To compute the estimated cost per freight bill processed internally, the calculator captures key data points about each company, such as headquarters location, annual billing volume, full-time billing team headcount, compensation, and turnover rate. To fill the gaps, the tool also incorporates industry averages of paid taxes, paid vacation, personal/sick time, medical insurance, and turnover expenses.

"This tool is for transportation service providers looking to get ahead of their competition by pin-pointing areas of opportunity within their administrative operation to drive value," said Chad Crotty, Vice President of Sales for DDC. "Once they discover the price being paid for a task such as processing freight bills, they can make smarter planning decisions for the future."

The Price-Per-BOL Calculator is complementary to DDC's machine-learning data capture solution, DDC Intelligence. A truly cognitive accounts receivables program, DDC Intelligence allows for carriers and 3PLs to immediately save on the cost and time spent processing BOLs in-house by reducing manual entry by up to 80% and guaranteeing higher data accuracy with progressive quality metrics. Click here to learn more about DDC Intelligence. 

Click here to use the Price-Per-BOL Calculator and learn how much your company is paying for in-house freight bill processing. Once your results are in, connect with a DDC billing program expert to learn how to reduce that cost and grow your profit margins.


With 30 years of business process outsourcing (BPO) experience, DDC FPO currently processes 30% of all LTL bills in North America and has delivered more successful freight back office solutions than any other company, including Freight Billing, Rate Auditing, POD Processing, Track & Trace, Carrier Onboarding and more. As the freight-focused division of The DDC Group – a worldwide network of business process outsourcing experts – we are powered by a global staff of over 7,000+ professionals to service our clients in over 40 languages. Our hybrid approach leverages innovative technology, proprietary workflows, and subject matter expertise in a customizable framework to equip you with long-term cost containment and uncapped revenue potential.

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