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Boost Profitability with the Power of Machine Learning

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Uncap Your Revenue Potential with AI

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Expedite your days sales outstanding with DDC Intelligence, our AI-fueled, full-stack software-as-a-service (SaaS) freight billing solution.

Our three-tier system of template-based, template-free and hands-on expert QA processes equip you with a smarter, stronger and more strategic back office that contributes to your bottom line.

Form-Based: Decades of experience in a systematic application

Leveraging the thousands of templates within DDC’s proprietary freight bill knowledge base, most bills are automatically processed based on content.

Formless: Machine learning the what and how of each bill

Context recognition learns, understands, and stores new bill templates for future straight-through processing.

Hands-on: Industry trained and client dedicated

A small percentage of bills require human QA. Our LTL billing experts provide the confidence you need to ensure all bills are processed with record-high accuracy.

The Fastest and Most Accurate Way to Capture and Deliver Data

The Power of AI

DDC Intelligence becomes smarter with every bill of lading and captures critical fields that are often overlooked on other platforms, boosting your quality metrics and driving immediate and long-term savings.

Seamless, Customizable Interoperability

Built to scale with unlimited formats and seamless compatibility for multiple value chains, DDC Intelligence is delivered in a timely and efficient manner per client requirements — without any intensive IT setup.

Reduced DSO

Eliminate your reliance on in-house manual entry. Rapid processing and record-breaking accuracy help you send clean, collectible invoices at a faster rate.

True Process Excellence

Rooted in industry expertise and a proprietary framework, DDC Intelligence applies knowledge through a database of tens of thousands of templates from 16 years of proven freight billing experience.

Modernized Back Office

This automated processing solution is delivered in a three-tier model to customize your field instructions and formats, integrate with existing workflows, capture skeleton data, expedite entry and promote process improvement throughout your organization.

How Freight Billing with DDC Intelligence Works

The document image is received from any partner-preferred source.
Documents are classified based on content, reducing manual sorting at scan time.
Field and line-item data are extracted based on context.
Learned information is reconciled against known sources to ensure accuracy.
Data is seamlessly exported and integrated into the partner-preferred enterprise application.
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DDC Intelligence allows us to achieve our goals. We can now do data matching and validation accurately and more timely, and enable our customers’ processes and systems to connect seamlessly without any problem.

Estes Express Lines

Industry-leading Service and Support

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Industry-leading Service and Support

DDC is a strategic partner that you can rely on to achieve your goals.

From discovery through testing, onboarding, training, implementation, rollout and beyond, you’ll have a dedicated team assigned to your program. Your team will use a highly personalized approach to identify and customize the best solutions for your specific needs.

Performance Protection:

To achieve and uphold financial and operational excellence for our clients, DDC delivers performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) at locked-in rates for long-term cost containment. As the market becomes volatile or unforeseen circumstances arise, your service with DDC is safeguarded.

As a DDC partner, you’ll benefit from:


Transparent and constant
communication with your DDC team


Proactive risk mitigation


Expert guidance based on
data and experience


Customized capacity forecasting
per client SLAs


Robust, secure network
data infrastructure


Powerful tech stack to promote
interoperability and system functionality

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