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New Market Research Explores the Future of Customer Service in the Supply Chain

Most companies have yet to reach their potential for customer service ROI. Customer service can be a profit center for those in the supply chain, as providing a positive experience builds customer trust and contributes to retention.

DDC FPO recently distributed a survey to various organizations throughout the supply chain, including shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and many more. In the report, Customer Service Trends in the Supply Chain, we explore current trends, challenges, and gaps in customer service.

Our research found that approximately 36% of respondents were unsure whether their organization's customer service operation drove ROI, and 19% said it did not. Combined, that's 55% of respondents for whom customer service still needs to provide clear ROI.

With over 90% of companies surveyed looking to invest in customer service this year, improving customer service experience is imperative for staying competitive. One survey respondent referred to customer service as the “foundation of the industry,” and we couldn’t agree more.

To explore the survey results and additional findings, click the button below to download the report.


Our survey results show that while most companies in the supply chain industry are actively investing in their customer service operations, there are still significant gaps that need to be addressed. Taking steps like implementing new technology, continuously training staff, and exploring new ways to scale efficiently can help companies fill those gaps, raise the bar for customer service, and turn their customer service operations into profit centers.

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