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New Market Research Details Impact of Customer Service Staffing Woes

The labor market is growing tighter, with vacancies surging over the unemployment, causing a significant productivity gap for the US workforce.

DDC FPO recently partnered with the FreightWaves Passport research team to determine how shortages in labor, skill, and work ethic – particularly in the roles of customer service and inside sales agents – are impacting both carriers and third-party logistics providers. Survey results included a healthy split between the two, with 57% of respondents identifying as 3PLs and 47% identifying as carriers. In the report, How to Tackle Customer Service & Inside Staffing Woes, we break down the details of these topics along with other industry pain points.

43% of 3PLs and carriers have reported that the job market affects customer service and inside sales staffing, making it increasingly more difficult. Companies are trying a variety of different recruitment techniques, yet the most common method of restructuring compensation has become increasingly difficult due to inflation. With the inflation rate surging, reaching 9.1% in. June, the industry is experiencing the demand for significant wage increases – something many companies are not equipped to do.  

To see all survey results and key findings, click the button below to download the report.


Implementing new technology is becoming the most popular solution (62% of carriers and 3PLs) to cutting costs. To deliver better customer service, 30% of respondents indicated that they are implementing text message or in-app feedback loops to provide real-time support for their customers. Using AI, these types of communication save overhead expenses while boosting customer satisfaction.

Technology alone was not the solution mentioned to overcome these recruiting onboarding, and retaining challenges. To view the other options for consideration as leveraged by many carriers and 3PLs, download the report.

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The labor market is steadily becoming tighter, with increased wages and high unemployment rates. There are many options for carriers and 3PLs to act, including implementing technology and outsourcing to help.

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