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Introducing DDC Sync: Connecting People, Processes & Technology

We’re proud to announce the launch of DDC Sync, a new enterprise solution for freight operations.

Combining a native Android app with automated intelligent image capture and a robust web portal, DDC Sync is designed to bring the people, processes, and data of freight operations into harmony. This solution enables motor carriers to streamline back office operations, reduce human error, increase driver retention, grow margins, and expedite receivables.

One cohesive solution for freight operations

DDC Sync is an enterprise solution that contains a native Android app for truck drivers and a powerful web-based portal for terminal administrators and management. This solution optimizes data flows, workforce management, and logistics planning by empowering drivers to capture bills of lading (BOLs) faster and with greater accuracy, streamlining cross-team communication and enabling system interoperability.

Leveraging intelligent capture technology and GPS tagging, this intuitive platform quickly and accurately captures data while simultaneously increasing end-to-end visibility with automated alerts, terminal chat functionality, and real-time reporting.

Solving a pervasive problem

Scanning bills of lading (BOLs) in the terminal was the status quo for many years, but this inefficient process can delay access to critical data. As a result, many carriers are beginning to ask drivers to capture BOL images from the road using mobile applications.

However, this option comes with its drawbacks. Most in-use BOL capture apps require drivers to capture an image and manually key the relevant data, creating additional work, increasing turnaround times, and increasing the chance of human error. Though BOL data may be available faster, data entry errors and poor-quality BOL images are frequent, and the overall freight operations process suffers. 

Freight carriers shouldn’t have to choose between fast data or accurate data. And truck drivers should be empowered with technology that makes their jobs easier. That’s why we created DDC Sync.

According to Art Zipkin, Chief Commercial Officer and President of DDC FPO, initial results show that LTL carriers will experience a nearly six-hour gain in visibility to their freight data with DDC Sync.

“Access to this data earlier in the shipment lifecycle gives our customers a competitive advantage in load planning and scheduling,” said Zipkin. “The flattening of the curve will provide an ideal operational workforce planning tool.”

Empowering drivers with a comprehensive mobile application

Unlike other applications, the DDC Sync mobile app ensures true end-to-end visibility by acting as a crucial link between truck drivers and terminals.

One of the app’s key features is intelligent image capture, enabling drivers to quickly and easily snap clear pictures of BOLs in-cab. The app automatically crops and enhances the image for maximum readability (by both humans and AI systems).

“By empowering drivers to capture bills of lading (BOLs) faster and with greater accuracy, streamlining cross-team communication, and enabling system interoperability, DDC Sync enables carriers to access critical data quicker,” described Richard Greening, DDC Global Technical Director. “Our partners can make real-time logistics planning decisions and optimize their workforce.”

Unprecedented business intelligence without the back office burden  

Making informed business decisions requires data, especially in the freight and transportation industry. Asset utilization, route optimization, BOL accuracy, turnaround times, and more must be tracked and reported. Too often, outdated software solutions create data silos, complicate back office processes, and lead to high lag times between data collection and reporting.

DDC Sync’s robust web portal is designed to help motor carriers monitor real-time data, manage operations, and track key metrics — all from one platform.

“One of the greatest advantages within this new process we’ve created with DDC Sync is untethered access to the strength that data provides,” said Joseph Klikas, Chief Experience Officer of The Custom Companies, a carrier partner of DDC FPO who has reported profound efficiencies in service delivery for its customers.

Klikas explained, “Prior to DDC Sync, our operations team would create a load optimization plan based only on destination zip code and tonnage from the driver at time of pickup. Now we can make more efficient and profitable routing decisions based on the consignee, in many cases loading direct into a third-party warehouse or retailer."

Ben Wiesen, President of Carrier Logistics, Inc. (CLI), a TMS provider that has successfully integrated with DDC Sync, stated, “The difference between a dock worker being told a zip code, which is what they would get if data wasn't entered, and instead being shown all the details of the consignee, all the markings, and everything else, is huge.”

“Because we have our hands on the data earlier,” said Wiesen, “The ability for the labor force to execute– and execute flawlessly– is directly impacted.”

DDC Sync features include: 

  • Smart OCR image capture that auto-enhances, crops, and submits BOL data for processing
  • BOL inventory management
  • Driver tracking and GPS tagging for more efficient routing and forecasting
  • Streamlined, documented driver-terminal communication
  • Real-time reporting and automated alerts for increased visibility into shipments, drivers, and assets
  • Driver incident log with support for geo-targeted documents, photos, and videos
  • Secure, permissions-based terminal administrative access
  • White label capabilities for easy branding and customized data collection
  • A collaborative, connected driver community with news feeds and interest groups
  • Customizable reporting modules and dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Engaging gamification to achieve user adoption and enhance the driver experience

Harmonize your freight operations

We designed DDC Sync to help motor carriers like you harmonize freight operations by connecting people and processes. It's time to explore a new era of efficiency, enhance end-to-end visibility, and streamline your back office.

Next week, The Custom Companies’ Joseph Klikas and CLI’s Benjamin Wiesen will join DDC’s Richard Greening on stage to share their insights and experience of implementing DDC Sync to optimize LTL operations from beginning to end. As part of the SMC3 JumpStart 2022 Conference in Atlanta, the session will be held from 3:15-4:00pm at the Loews Hotel Midtown on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

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