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FAQs: Answers to All Your Questions About Customs Brokerage Processing Services

DDC FPO maintains best-in-class service for customers by keeping up with fluctuating shipment volumes by staying on top of changes related to laws and regulations governing the taxation, import, and export of goods.

As we continue to receive inquiries about how our freight billing programs work from Freight Process Insights subscribers, we have compiled answers to these questions. FAQs for other solutions are also being provided as part of our recent FAQs series.

If you have a question that is not answered in this article, please email education@ddcfpo.com.

Why should I outsource customs brokerage processing?

Outsourcing your customs brokerage processing to an experienced business process outsourcer (BPO) gives you access to specialized expertise and up-to-date industry knowledge to help reduce errors and customs clearance time, enabling you to build trust with customers and saving you time and resources.

A BPO that offers customs brokerage processing services should monitor any regulatory changes, such as post-Brexit developments, and make necessary adjustments to reduce delays as much as possible. With the right BPO partner, you can be confident that your customs paperwork will be processed timely and accurately amid ever-changing global trade developments.

What should I look for in a customs brokerage processing partner?

A customs brokerage processing partner should be an extension of your team, have at least ten years of experience in the industry, and be able to provide referrals and testimonials.

Qualities to seek out include:

  • Extensive experience with customs paperwork. An organization with a longstanding history in the industry knows the ins and outs of what you need to look out for, which means fewer instances of erroneous paperwork and fewer delays.
  • Multilingual capabilities. Ensuring smooth communication can help in a host of ways, including finding and fixing errors before customs; applying the correct tariff codes; helping to avoid fees and penalties; communicating the necessary data, expectations, and regulatory information; resolving issues faster, and strengthening relationships.
  • Strategic application of technology. Your BPO partner should have a wealth of knowledge regarding industry technology and know-how to innovate wisely with your specific business needs in mind.

How does outsourcing help with facing changes to Brexit?

DDC will monitor any regulatory changes, including post-Brexit developments, and make it necessary to reduce delays as much as possible. With the right BPO partner, you can be confident that your customs paperwork will be processed correctly, even as Brexit continues to cause disruptions.

How does DDC ensure reliable business continuity?

Our team of experts will protect you against unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-19. Delivered by multiple operating locations worldwide. For example, our team will identify tariff and tax declarations while maintaining procedural compliance for all your shipments. This will ensure that all important fields are up-to-date with not only global but country-specific trade regulations and system requirements.

How does DDC ensure goals and KPIs are met?

KPIs will vary depending on the goals of the project.

During the onboarding process, will ask you how your current practices are performing so we can establish needs and goals that will be customized to your specific problem areas. We strive to follow the metrics you set. Collaboration with you to identify the right metrics for your company will be part of the process so we can ensure your goals are met. You know your business better than anyone. If there are bridge goals; where you have an actual set target. This is when you will allow a certain number of weeks to let agents get familiar with your business.

How does DDC ensure staff retention?

At DDC, we have a strong foundation for agent professional development. We come to you with over 33 years in business process outsourcing and over 17 years in transportation and logistics. We will only hire and train team members who are smart, committed and high achievers.

What is DDC’s approach to training and continuous improvement?

DDC prides itself on having quality control agents dedicated to every client program, and we have a continuous improvement protocol in place to uphold progressive quality standards. If any errors do happen, we have retraining programs to thwart recurrence. We are pleased to work with clients collaboratively on a feedback loop.

Will I lose control over my operation if I outsource?

No, you will retain control of your operation. Any customs brokerage processing program is tailored to your company’s needs and requirements and should include daily weekly, and monthly operational meetings to review and plan workloads. As your outsourcing provider, DDC operates as an extension of our clients. We see your success as our success.

How do you keep up to date with constantly evolving customs and supply chain requirements?

We constantly engage with customs authorities and regulatory bodies to stay current on evolving trade requirements and ensure DDC clients get the best-in-class services. We also keep active memberships with trade associations involved in customs and supply chains and like to have consultations with key players involved in the industry.

DDC’s customs brokerage processing experts maintain best-in-class service for our customers throughout the EU. Our team of experts streamline the processing of your documents, helping you clear customs faster and with support available in over 30 languages, DDC experts help solve customs holds and bottlenecks efficiently. With DDC, focus on what matters to you: creating value for your customers.

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