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DDC Honors Josh Minor for 15 Years of Service

Josh Minor, a Business Systems Analyst, joined the DDC family in 2006 and has been an indispensable part of DDC's continued success and evolution.

In honor of his 15th year with the company, Josh recently sat down with us to share his insight into his experience working for DDC, the evolution of his role and the company, and the advice he gives to those looking to work with a BPO provider.

Happy 15 years, Josh! You started in 2006. How has DDC evolved over the years?

DDC has changed drastically. Over the years, we became less siloed, more unified, and better connected. All of these changes have allowed us to continue to deliver the best service to our clients.

As we grew into a global company, my role also began to change. We needed more efficient ways of conducting business - such as the dashboards we've built for the Client Account Management team. Instead of having to keep up with multiple spreadsheets, the new dashboards provide our teams with the right data and information that each individual needs at a glance.

How would you describe what you do?

When I would sit on calls with our project managers, I learned about the processes that needed to be put in place and the programs we needed to build. My role grew into what it is today. I help develop the strategies and applications required to automate what would otherwise be impossible to do manually. My goal is to streamline the processes while increasing efficiency.

Recently you earned the Microsoft Power BI certification. Can you tell us a little more about Power BI and the certification process?

Microsoft Power BI allows us to connect data sources, visualize the data, determine what is important to us, and share that information with everyone. When we first moved to Microsoft Power BI, it was intimidating, but my experience building databases helped me quickly learn the program. And after lots of studying and a proctored exam, I passed the certification exam.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

When we check a project on our list, I get an incredible feeling of accomplishment. While brainstorming and developing possible solutions is exciting, nothing is better than accomplishing a goal.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are particularly proud of since starting at DDC.

I'm most proud of my involvement in DDC's onboarding process development and the fact much of it is still relevant nearly a decade later.

What is your favorite thing about working at DDC?

My favorite things about working at DDC are our team and the positive work environment. I don't think there is a better group of people. Each person contributes to our success, and our leadership recognizes it.

Can you tell us about your favorite DDC memory?

The most memorable thing about working at DDC is our team get-togethers – whether it’s our potluck lunches, Christmas dinners, holiday contests, or birthday celebrations, or any other team gathering. I'm lucky to work with some awesome and talented people!

How does DDC impact the communities in which its team lives and works?

Not only are we encouraged to find non-profit initiatives in our own communities and get involved, but DDC also has a strong sense of social responsibility. DDC has done many amazing things from building schools and hospitals in rural communities to activating clean water and electricity systems in remote areas, and to delivering personal protective equipment (PPE) to truck drivers during the pandemic.

In your perspective, what sets DDC apart from others in the industry?

The people! Our leadership and employees are experienced, knowledgeable, and incredibly dedicated to our industry. The work we do allows our clients to focus on bigger and better things.

What advice would you give to someone who was considering DDC FPO as a partner?

Our first-class solutions are time-tested and trusted by companies worldwide. I'd strongly suggest reading some of what our customers have to say about our partnerships.

Congratulations on your work anniversary, Josh!

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