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Automated Freight Bill Entry (FBE) Processing – Why Aren’t We There Yet?

There are many different “solutions” out there claiming to have an out-of-box package that can completely eliminate the need for manual data entry of your Bills of Lading (BOLs). They claim to offer a complete workflow automation package that can easily drop into your existing freight billing process. Sounds amazing, right?

Overpromise and Under-Deliver

Unfortunately, this has left some carriers spending more time and money than they thought to try to customize and integrate the software to their own unique billing needs.

The fact is that the technology available to freight companies today is not there yet to completely eliminate the need for manual data entry. Many small-to-mid-sized carriers with limited budgets are operating off legacy systems that were created decades ago. In order to use these so-called new ‘out-of-box’ software systems, carriers are having to spend a fair amount of time and resources to properly integrate the software into the legacy systems. And still, the accuracy rates are not what they were promised to be. It has left a bad taste in many carriers’ mouths – we know, we now work with some of those who have been burned.

There’s a Better Way

For over the past decade, we have made it our mission to serve as the freight back office partner to professionals in the freight industry, just like yourself. As a result, we process over 30% of all BOLs in the U.S. This has given us a very keen understanding of the pain points experienced when it comes to turn-around times, quality, and exceptional accuracy rates in the freight bill entry process. We decided to come up with a solution to those issues. That is why we created DDC Intelligence, our intelligent freight billing solution.

DDC Intelligence streamlines the manual bill entry process. It is the leading and most accurate way to capture content on the front-end, that can then sort and extract data from structured and unstructured documents. This solution reduces manual data entry and eliminates volumes of errors and manual re-work.

The DDC Intelligence Difference

DDC Intelligence is a combination of automated and semi-automated processes, as well as manual processes designed to be smarter and more intelligent.

We can effectively integrate and work with your older systems because DDC Intelligence is a hybrid of manual and automated processes. Between leveraging the incredible capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our team of highly-trained experts, you can rest-assured that both your budget and your accuracy rates are not only protected but improved.

DDC Intelligence is a fully customizable solution that has the capability to read and capture most BOL documents. And, just like people, the solution becomes smarter and more accurate with each document processed thanks to AI.

We Won’t Leave You High and Dry

You know it’s time for a change when it comes to automating your BOL processes but making the change doesn’t have to break the bank.

We’ll spend the time on the front-end understanding exactly what your infrastructure needs are and how we can customize DDC Intelligence to capture your BOL data to significantly improve accuracy rates and faster turn-around times.

In the end, DDC Intelligence offers you immediate cost containment and long-term savings, improved accuracy, a streamlined bill entry process, and best of all -- an enhanced client experience.

Why wait? Let’s start the conversation today to see how we can build a customizable freight billing solution and a freight rate audit for you.

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