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Announcing DDC's Online Course: Customs Brokerage & International Shipments in 2021

International shipping and customs compliance is a complex topic in the post-Brexit world — one that will continue to impact operations for freight and logistics companies for the foreseeable future. From VAT rate changes to agribusiness restrictions to T1 documentation, there’s a host of new rules, regulations, and fees to track. 

DDC FPO wants to see companies overcome post-Brexit challenges and capture market share in a changing logistics landscape. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new free online course, Customs Brokerage & International Shipments in 2021. This five-part course will explore how international shipping and customs processing have changed in 2021.

About the course

Sign up for the course to get access to in-depth analysis of several hot-button subjects in international shipping. 

For the duration of the course, you’ll receive a daily lesson in your inbox. Here’s a brief preview of each lesson:

  • Lesson #1: Introduction to International Shipping Post-Brexit: An overview of how Brexit has affected international shipping so far, and what additional changes are on the horizon.
  • Lesson #2: What VAT Changes Mean for Businesses: An explanation of Brexit-related Value-Added Tax (VAT) changes, including new obligations for business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce sellers.
  • Lesson #3: Choosing the Right Post-Brexit Shipping Option: A primer on navigating fundamental processes like shipping and customs management in 2021.
  • Lesson #4: The NI Protocol and Special Considerations for Food & Agribusiness: A closer look at the Northern Ireland Protocol and its implications for the trade and transport of food goods. 
  • Lesson #5: Understanding Customs Compliance: Guidance on overcoming customs compliance challenges and ensuring timely freight delivery across borders.

All five lessons were put together by the customs brokerage and international shipping experts at DDC FPO, the freight and logistics industry’s most trusted partner.

The course is free and offers a great opportunity to stay up to date on recent changes in the post-Brexit shipping landscape. Get up-to-date insights and strategic points on shipping info, freight forwarding challenges, and solutions for the rapidly evolving freight and logistics world.

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Our free Customs Brokerage & International Shipments online course provides in-depth analysis and insight into the post-Brexit landscape.


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