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UPS Europe & DDC FPO Break Down New Customs Requirements & Trade Agreements

Fireside Chat: UPS & DDC detail the evolving role of customs brokerage in the new post-Brexit world

In the wake of the U.K.'s departure from the European Union, there are a number of questions left to be answered. As the processes of trade flow changes between the two, there are a number of unanswered questions. Changes in customs will require talent along with new opportunities to create software and technology to assist and automate the navigation of a surge in red tape and paperwork. In this recorded "fireside chat" from the FreightWaves' 2021 Global Supply Chain Week, learn from UPS Europe's Director of Customs Brokerage, Walter van den Meiren, and DDC FPO's Global Technical Director, Richard Greening, as they break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of new Brexit realities for transportation and logistics industries.

Topics include:

  • Post-Brexit trade agreements
  • How UPS Supply Chain Solutions prepared for success
  • Current and forecasted challenges and solutions on the horizon, such as:
      • Shortage in customs brokers and skills
      • Surge in red tape / paperwork
      • VAT legislation and import duties
      • Changes in technology, automation, and blockchain
      • Northern Ireland negotiations
      • Border queues
      • The role of data and GDPR
      • Pre-Brexit stockpiling, volume fluctuations and the impact on commerce


Watch now to learn what changes are having the greatest impact now, what UPS and DDC forecast for the future, and what transport and logistics providers should do to minimize risks and maximize opportunities:


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