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How GLS Enhanced Efficiency in Parcel and Freight Delivery with DDC Sync

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In today's fast-paced logistics industry, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation and optimization. GLS-US, a leading parcel and LTL freight delivery provider recognized the need to streamline their operations and sought a solution to optimize their data capture process. 

By partnering with DDC FPO, GLS-US successfully streamlined numerous workflows into one single efficient process and gained faster access to data resulting in more accurate and quicker billing and collections. 




GLS-US is the North American subsidiary of GLS Group, a leading cross-border parcel service provider. The company provides reliable, high-quality parcel services and exceptional customer service across 41 countries. Thanks to the company's expansive cross-border network and strong local market knowledge, customers can expect the same seamless, flexible, and personal service across North America, Europe, and beyond. 

The GLS network comprises 71 central and regional trans-shipment points and about 1,500 depots, supported by approximately 31,000 final-mile delivery vehicles and 4,000 long-distance trucks. 

GLS-US needed a sustainable and scalable option to increase operational efficiency, including improving line haul planning and streamlining workflows. Having already successfully partnered with DDC for Freight Billing and Customer Care, expanding their service agreement to include DDC Sync was a natural next step. 

“We are continually looking for innovative solutions so we can provide our customers with the highest quality service. Capturing BOL information with DDC Sync the minute it’s in the drivers’ hands is a clear example of an innovative tool that is not only good for us but for our customers as well.” said Joe Bartone, COO of GLS-US. 

The Challenge

GLS-US is a regional carrier, and what drives value to their customers is being next-day so minutes matter. They needed a way for data to be visible quicker for better time management and planning. During the launch of DDC Sync, an additional need for parcel/label scanning was also identified. This would allow GLS to save streamline its process by only using one application to capture both freight and parcel shipments. 

To achieve their goals, GLS-US prioritized: 

  • Long-term cost containment 
  • Consolidation of multiple workflows into a single workflow 
  • Guaranteed accuracy   
  • Real-time access to shipment data 

The Solution

DDC catered to GLS’ needs by expanding the features of DDC Sync by adapting the application to capture freight and parcel shipments. This resulted in an enhanced and tailored application built specifically for them. Using intuitive data capture technology, DDC Sync digitizes the freight bill at the point of collection with driver GPS tagging for precise tracking data. 


Quicker access to data and insights delivered in the DDC Sync portal improve operational efficiency in countless ways, including: 
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved workforce allotment
  • Optimized load planning/cross dock operations
  • Improved driver efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction and visibility 

DDC Sync allowed GLS to streamline multiple workflows across multiple teams into a single workflow.  


With DDC Sync, GLS-US streamlined numerous workflows into a single efficient process. Additionally, the projected 6-week rollout period was shortened to 4 weeks. 

“Having instant shipment data with DDC Sync allows us to make better advanced scheduling decisions, often resulting in cutting hours out of our linehaul schedule,” said Bartone.  

Beyond the improved visibility and efficient line haul planning, GLS-US also moved its billing window up by several hours, expediting their accounts receivable process and cashflow. 

Goals Achieved
  • 99.5% acceptance rate 
  • 100% driver adoption across hundreds of drivers 
  • Faster access to data 
  • Improved time in transit 
  • Streamlined workflows 
  • Accelerated collections 


With DDC Sync, GLS will no longer need to wait until the driver arrives at the destination to get important shipment information, ensuring customer satisfaction moving forward. 


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