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Webinar Replay: Transportation Market Update

Data on the current and forecasted impact of COVID-19

What the Data is Telling Us About the Freight Market

Especially in light of the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic, data is key to overcoming volatility in the market. In this recent webinar, we explored the most current data available to reveal the present and forecasted impact on the industry.

Presented in partnership with FreightWaves, this webinar features exclusive insights from Freight Market Intelligence Analyst Zach Strickland and Expert Economist Anthony Smith, who also answered attendee questions during the live audience Q&A (recorded and available for viewers at the end of the presentation).

Topics include:

• Review of the current macro impacts from COVID-19
• The immediate changes for consumer conditions
• The hardest-hit industries
• Recovery scenarios

Watch now to learn how the market is being affected by COVID-19 and how you can prepare for the future based on the latest industry data:

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