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Estes Express Lines:
Accelerating Cash Flow with AI-Powered Freight Billing

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After nine years with DDC FPO, Estes Express Lines experienced cost containment and improved accuracy and efficiency. When the company rang in year ten, DDC offered an  AI-powered bill of lading (BOL) processing solution. Since DDC migrated Estes’ volume to the platform, Estes reports stronger, more solid customer relationships by providing more accurate data as “fast as humanly possible.”




The Nation’s Largest Privately-Owned Freight Transportation Carrier

Estes Express Lines is ranked no. 6 out of the top 100 for-hire carriers of 2019 by revenue. Backed by nearly 90 years of industry expertise and financial stability, they are a fourth-generation company that recognizes one of its strongest assets is its nationwide team of 18,000 employees.

The Challenge

Pressure to Keep Costs in Line and Deliver Better Products for Cheaper Prices

Estes Express Lines were seeing long-term growth and stability with DDC FPO and were ready to continue their success by implementing a state-of-the-art solution to improve their freight billing performance metrics.

DDC's solution allows us to achieve our goals. We can now do data matching and validation accurately and more timely, and enable our customers' processes and systems to connect seamlessly without any problem.

The Solution

An Exceedingly Successful Partnership With DDC FPO and an Upgraded Back Office

Estes Express Lines has partnered with DDC FPO for nearly a decade, and their trust in DDC's BPO solutions opened doors to another successful freight billing model. By migrating its complex bill of lading volume to DDC FPO’s machine learning-powered BOL processing software, the Top 10-Ranked North American LTL carrier saw long-term growth and scalability. Estes Express Lines has effectively migrated over 33,000 bills per night to the advanced technology that grows smarter with every BOL it processes, ensuring progressive improvement in SLAs.

Goals Achieved
  • Upgraded Client Experience
  • Elevated Operational Efficiencies
  • Accelerated Cash Flow with Around-the-Clock Processing
  • Long-Term Cost Containment
  • Record-High Accuracy
  • Standardization That Allows for Quality Metrics to Be Met

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