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Clear Lane Freight Systems was founded in 2012 by less-than-truckload (LTL) industry veterans Tom Nagel and Ingi Torfason. The goal was to fill a need for an economical long haul LTL service. The business model is simple: utilize technology to build a non-asset based network using available capacity of regional LTL partners for reliable pickup and delivery service. The key to Clear Lane’s growth and success has been its staff of dedicated transportation professionals, with the help of DDC FPO.


Fast growing motor carrier hands off billing to freight-focused division of The DDC Group; reaps time, cost and quality benefits without eliminating any jobs.


Clear Lane Freight’s processes prior to DDC FPO’s arrival was dispersed and time-consuming. Customer “wait time” was an issue, noted Tom Nagel, president and CEO of Clear Lane Freight. The strongest factor of the deal, however, boiled down to keeping jobs in Indianapolis.

We didn’t have to cut any staff from our team. Instead, we simply reallocated our resources to use our staff’s time more wisely.

the Solution

Since the completion of the rollout, Clear Lane states that their customers have reported better, reliable service. “This project has worked as promised by DDC FPO; I am amazed at how smooth the transition has been, said Tom Nagel.  “As Clear Lane continues to succeed, we are happy to help ease some of the growing pains by ensuring back office functions are completed in the best possible manner,” noted Chad Crotty, Vice President of Sales for DDC FPO. Crotty added, “By eliminating the burden of juggling tasks with limited staff, we can offer a better customer experience and focus on core competencies.”



Fully & Semi-Automated
Improved Accuracy Of Bill Entry Process
Enhanced Client Experience
Automated Programs
Standardization That Allows For Quality Metrics To Be Met
Adaptability To Meet The Individual Needs Of Your Business
Cost Containment


By handing off their billing to DDC FPO, motor carrier Clear Lane Freight has benefited from cost containment, higher levels of accuracy and quicker turnaround times –ultimately building higher levels of customer satisfaction and benefiting company revenues.




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