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TST Overland Express Reports 40% Cost Savings By Partnering With DDC

TST Overland Express, a leading Canadian LTL carrier of TFI International Inc., has announced improved operational efficiencies and a 40% cost savings of their freight billing process with outsourcer DDC FPO.

Since 1928, TST Overland has offered unparalleled quality service, customer support and technology, making the LTL carrier Canada's leading provider of time sensitive LTL services throughout Canada and through their partnership with Saia LTL Freight, the continental U.S.

Historically, TST has maintained a conservative approach - managing their processes in-house that has in part, helped the carrier earn their position as Canada's leading LTL provider. With this conservative background, the carrier admitted that they were hesitant to outsource. However, it became clear that their desire to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs of their freight billing process by outsourcing to freight back office partner DDC FPO was the right decision. #1 for providing customized freight solutions and processing over 30% of all LTL bills in North America, DDC knew that they would be able to provide the Canadian carrier peace of mind and reduce costs in the process.

The partnership has been fruitful from the beginning -succeeding the SLA rollout period while maintaining accuracy levels above 99.5%.

"The two reasons why we went with DDC was 1) to improve our operational efficiencies, as our focus is on operational excellence, and 2) the cost savings is roughly 40%, which is significant to us," noted Wayne Gruszka, President of TST Overland Express.

"Since we signed the agreement, DDC has been First Class, all the way. Accurate billing is imperative to us. We have been very happy with DDC.”

"Our partnership with TST Overland Express, and entrance into the Canadian market, has been years in the making and it largely came down to timing, trust, service, and savings," cited Chad Crotty, Vice President of Sales with DDC FPO.

"We are thrilled that we are ticking all the boxes that Wayne and TST needed from us and are excited for a long-lasting partnership."

About TST Overland Express, Of TFI International Inc.

TFI International Inc. is a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry, operating across the United States, Canada and Mexico through its subsidiaries. TFI International creates value for shareholders by identifying strategic acquisitions and managing a growing network of wholly-owned operating subsidiaries. Under the TFI International umbrella, companies benefit from financial and operational resources to build their businesses and increase their efficiency. TFI International companies service the following segments: Package and Courier; Less-Than-Truckload; Truckload; Logistics and Last Mile. TFI International Inc. is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TFII) and the OTCQX marketplace in the U.S. (OTCQX: TFIFF). For more information, visit https://www.tfiintl.com.

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