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Shrinking the IT Gap in Transportation: Investing Wisely for Sustainable Business Growth

More than four in five shippers responding to the 2019 Third-Party Logistics study by Penn State and Penske Logistics said external transportation partners - i.e. carriers and 3PLs - help them improve customer service. But with these companies gaining access to new capabilities and technology that they either cannot afford or simply don't have the capacity to deploy on their own, what exactly are these carriers and 3PLs investing in?

To enhance their own systems, transportation companies turn to business process improvement experts, such as DDC FPO.

In a new special report, Inbound Logistics delves into the IT gap in transportation and how carriers and 3PLs are investing in new technologies, such as DDC Sync and Auto-Extraction and Structuring in order to boost customer satisfaction, increase margins and free up resources. To learn more about the latest developments that are available for logistics service providers today, download the special report now.

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In addition to empowering your shippers, integrating the right technology strategically into your business will equip you with greater control as the licenses uphold standards for you across your distributed channels - such as steps in varying workflows and quality assurance between processes. Your team will also have more time (and money) to focus on core competencies, as opposed to tedious tasks that create bottlenecks and hinder productivity. As a result: You will experience expedited receivables and repeat business. To learn more about how investing in innovation wisely can uncap your profitability potential, read 3 Key Ways to Optimize Your Logistics Customer Experience (CX) with Your Back Office Operations.

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