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Key Questions to Ask When Considering BPO

Within the last 10 years, business process outsourcing (BPO) has become one of the biggest operational trends for service providers worldwide. Many back office operations, from Human Resources departments to IT divisions, are now outsourced as a strategic move to ensure a healthy and successful future.

Although the benefits of outsourcing are immediate for most, those who do not take the steps necessary for a smooth transition may hit a few bumps in the road, particularly during the redistribution process of internal department functions. Another mistake, often made by first-time shared service managers, occurs when there is a lack of prior research in selecting which outsourcing solution and solution provider is best.

We've highlighted a few key questions below to help kick off your quest to achieve BPO-empowered business functions.

How can I make outsourcing for my business profitable?

Outsourcing helps many businesses save money. Before going into this venture, be mindful this venture is not purely about labor arbitrage. Make sure the solutions and services will produce high quality work that will empower your back office, not just make it less expensive. Considering the big picture will ensure long-term profitability for your business.

What outsourcing firm best suits my business?

Outsourcing is offered independently through firms with varying levels of expertise in specific industries. Before employing a vendor, evaluate the industry expertise and capabilities of the vendor. Work with a platform such as Emptoris to establish an easy-to-use and easy-to-review RFP program. Be sure to consider personnel resources, such as staff size, certifications and locations, and technology: What hardware and software are they using? Is it customizable to handle data critical to your business?

How do you merge your outsourced departments with your internal divisions?

Implementing BPO solutions could affect your employees and clientele if your vendor does not provide the support and guidance necessary for a smooth transition. However, vendors who deliver their service through onshore, dedicated project management (PM) can ensure your outsourced and in-house workflow will complement each other. More importantly, someone in your business needs to have the responsibility in overseeing the outsourcing process, and act as the primary point-of-contact for the vendor's PM. They can be accountable for the approval and validation of the efficiency and high quality of work produced by the vendor

Did you do your research?

Find out what projects your BPO provider has worked developed in the past and for who. This can help your determine if their level of experience solving issues relevant to your business processes.


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