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DDC Presents IT Outsourcing to Meet Needs of Transportation & Logistics

Freight business process outsourcing company DDC FPO announces new IT offering for the industry’s programming and development goals.

DDC FPO, a trusted partner for global business process solutions to the transportation and logistics industries is now offering a new IT Outsourcing suite of services designed to support the advancement of technology development throughout the supply chain.

By combining 30 years of business process experience, 15 years of deep freight industry expertise, and an expansive range of programming and engineering skills,

DDC will help its partners close IT gaps and meet development milestones while also hitting their financial targets.

The average salary for US IT professionals is $113,639. With the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that about 531,2002 new IT jobs will need to be filled in the next 10 years due to advances in cloud computing, big data, and information security, projected overhead costs could be the primary factor in whether or not companies pursue technology goals.

As a global service provider with personnel across North America, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific, DDC is able to work closely with clients to identify and find the best skillset at compelling price points among the company’s strategic operating locations.

“All of DDC’s IT team members have been with the company since its first freight projects kicked off over 15 years ago,” said Chad Crotty, DDC’s VP of Sales.“New programmers are trained as needed to continue to meet our customers' objectives, ensure scalability, and drive ROI for our clients’ IT investments.”

DDC’s highly skilled team of mid-to-senior level programmers in a wide variety of languages eliminates the need for the client to spend any additional time training. “We continue to cross-train, hire, and educate new recruits through a hands-on training program,” explains Crotty.

The four primary service categories include Systems Development, Database Development, .NET Programming, and E-commerce.

  • Systems Development: EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), RPG, PHP, .NET, & API

  • Database Development: MS Access, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, & MS SQL

  • .NET Programming: Includes diverse and extensive language proficiencies, such as ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, C++.NET, J#.NET, F#.NET, JSCRIPT.NET, Windows Powershell, Ruby, Python, C Omega, and more

  • E-Commerce: Mobile Applications, Websites, User Portals, & Analytics Dashboards

In addition to all of these skillsets that are all readily available, Crotty clarifies that DDC has the capability to support any additional training requirements requested. “Whether its EDI Workbench, B2Bi/Lightwell, or any other customer-specific training, as long as we understand what the needs of the client are, we will supply the trainings necessary."

"We are excited to embark on this new opportunity as we continue to broaden our service capabilities for our partners,” said Chad Crotty, VP of Sales, “IT Outsourcing facilitates the convergence of individual company development goals and greater industry technology initiatives to achieve levels of advancement to benefit the global supply chain.”


About DDC FPO 

DDC FPO is a strategic business process outsourcing (BPO) partner for today’s leading transportation and logistics providers that enables clients to focus on core competencies and achieve their goals. As the freight-focused member company of The DDC Group – a worldwide network of BPO companies – DDC FPO is able to serve clients in over 30 languages across North America, UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Solutions include data-based, goal-driven front and back office programs such as Freight Billing, Customs Brokerage Processing, and IT Outsourcing, among others. To learn more, email:info@ddcfpo.com

2. https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/home.htm

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