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Introducing RPG Programming: Innovate Your IBM iSeries (AS400) System

RPG Programming service cost effectively and efficiently maintains and enhances AS400 systems without the challenges of in-house recruitment and retention.

Evergreen, CO - DDC FPO, a leading global provider of business process outsourcing and technology solutions for the transportation and logistics industries, recently announced a new IT Outsourcing solution that provides RPG Programming services for AS400 systems, now known as IBM iSeries systems.

Utilized specifically for commercial and enterprise applications, RPG programming skills are vital to any company using the iSeries systems. These applications are widely used across many industries, yet the talent pool of skilled programming resources is declining.

According to DDC FPO’s Senior Director of Sales, Chad Crotty, companies struggle to find candidates among a very limited, aging, and expensive pool of RPG programmer resources. “We aim to close that skill gap with certified, trained RPG programming resources,” Crotty explained.

DDC FPO’s specialized RPG Programming service arms clients with the expertise and resources they need to maintain their iSeries systems without the challenges of in-house recruitment and retention.

Crotty, who works closely with some of DDC FPO’s largest motor carrier partners and strategic technology integrators, spearheaded the RPG Programming initiative to equip DDC FPO clients with the resources needed to succeed now and in the future.

“Outsourcing iSeries RPG programming to DDC FPO ensures your organization's IT requirements are met efficiently and cost-effectively without fear for the future’s talent pool,” added Crotty. “With the iSeries’ proven longevity, RPG programming is essential, and DDC FPO is pleased to be able to offer a strategic solution in an environment where maintaining an in-house RPG team is costly and challenging.”

The iSeries ecosystem is extensive and requires years of training and experience to provide the level of support needed for applications written in RPG, such as accounts receivable, dispatching, billing entry, freight rating, fleet maintenance, finance, and invoicing, among others. The challenges of RPG applications can come from any number of pressures, including new business rules and regulatory compliance, integration with other applications, maintaining old codes, and converting old codes to the latest version of RPG, and thousands of legacy applications require support, enhancement, and even migration.

Partnering with DDC FPO to harness the strategic benefits of IT Outsourcing tailored specifically to your iSeries needs offers significant benefits, including:

  • Cost Efficiency: DDC FPO delivers cost-effective IT Outsourcing solutions tailored to companies relying on iSeries systems. Eliminate the overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house RPG team and gain access to skilled professionals precisely when you need them.
  • Comprehensive Expertise: DDC FPO covers the full spectrum of RPG needs with extensive programming knowledge, encompassing basic, interactive screen design to modern API web integration. DDC FPO can create and/or support applications such as accounts receivable, accounts payables, GL reports, billing entry, dispatch, and other LTL applications running on iSeries (AS400).
  • Customized Service Packages: DDC FPO offers RPG Programming flexibility through outsourcing packages that align with your unique requirements. Whether you require reducing backlog of application changes, ongoing RPG support, new application build, or data migration services, we adapt to fit your organization's distinct needs.
  • Global Access & Elasticity: DDC FPO leverages its worldwide network of IT Outsourcing experts across its strategic operating locations to ensure scalability, continuity, and responsiveness for RPG Programming and all solutions. The remote services seamlessly integrate into your operations and provide 24/7 support.

Across various industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to transportation and logistics, DDC FPO can now deliver essential RPG programming skills to help you maintain, enhance, and innovate your iSeries systems.


DDC FPO (Freight Process Outsourcing) is a strategic business process outsourcing (BPO) and technology partner for many of today's leading transportation and logistics providers. Currently serving 50% of the top carriers ranked by revenue in North America, DDC FPO’s dedicates teams of professionals currently process over 300,000 shipments daily. Founded in 2005 to serve as the freight-focused member company of The DDC Group — a worldwide network of BPO companies — DDC FPO has operations and customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with services offered in over 30 languages. DDC FPO offers a variety of front and back office services, including freight billing, customer service, auto-extraction and structuring, and mobile, intuitive OCR data capture.  DDC FPO has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years. To learn more, visit: ddcfpo.com.

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