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IL2000 Selects DDC FPO for Business Process Outsourcing Services

Third-party transportation and logistics services provider is realizing improvements in data entry and shipment auditing capacity . 

Evergreen, CO – DDC FPO, an outsourcing company that dedicates teams of professionals to serve as extensions of transportation and logistics companies,announced today that third-party transportation and logistics service provider, IL2000, has selected its Business Process Outsourcing services specifically for supporting their data entry and freight audit and payment services. 

Benefits already realized by using DDC FPO at IL2000 include a 100% increase in data entry productivity and an improvement of 30% in shipment audit capacity, which is even more significant because their business volume increased by the same amount in the short time since the pilot began. Both of those activities are also being handled at a 25% cost reduction. 

“IL2000 creates value for our clients through a bundled solution consisting of industry-leading transportation management, shipment management, and carrier management technologies, and freight audit and payment, and consulting services,” said Ken Nadler, president of IL2000. “Our strategic collaboration with DDC FPO improves our scalability and enhances our continuous improvement capabilities.  As a result of this partnership, our clients benefit from a faster invoice audit and resolution process with increased accuracy and our carrier partners benefit from faster payment.” 

The DDC FPO services in place for IL2000 include a data entry team that is processing over 5,000 freight bills monthly, including securing missing documentation in order to complete invoicing. Additionally, a group of personnel assigned to shipment and bill auditing is in place to investigate and resolve issues that occur when an invoice doesn't match the initial order. 

Nadler also noted that the transition to DDC FPO at IL2000 was highly organized, and very thorough and detailed, and onboarding was flawless. He credited the company’s approach to training, coordination, supervision, and a continuous loop of feedback for that success.

About IL2000

Founded in 1999, IL2000 is a third-party transportation and logistics service provider. IL2000 uses a proprietary transportation management system, customer collaboration, comprehensive logistics engineering, and a robust carrier procurement and partnership process to create seamless and optimized supply chain performance. 

IL2000 operates the following business segments: freight management; truckload brokerage; international freight forwarding; and freight bill audit & pay. Modes supported include LTL, FTL, parcel, and international LCL, FCL and airfreight. 

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DDC FPO (Freight Process Outsourcing) is a strategic business process outsourcing (BPO) partner for many of today's leading transportation and logistics providers. Currently serving 50% of the top carriers ranked by revenue in North America, DDC FPO dedicated teams of professionals currently process over 300,000 shipments daily. Founded in 2005 to serve as the freight-focused member company of The DDC Group — a worldwide network of BPO companies — DDC FPO has operations and customers across North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific with services offered in over 30 languages. DDC FPO offers a variety of front and back office services including; freight billing, customer service, inside sales and mobile, intuitive OCR data capture.  DDC FPO has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years. To learn more, visit: ddcfpo.com.

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