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GLS-US Reports Enhanced Customer Service with DDC’s New, Multilingual Customer Care Solution

Freight business process outsourcing provider DDC FPO announces advanced customer experience solution, Customer Care.  The solution includes 24/7 customer support in more than 30 languages for transportation and logistics companies.

EVERGREEN, COLORADO, February 9, 2022 -- DDC FPO, a global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions for the freight industry, has announced the launch of Customer Care, a new suite of services to resolve customer issues and drive sales success for its transportation and logistics partners in more than 30 languages. Ground parcel, priority express, & LTL delivery provider GLS-US of GLS Group is already reporting enhanced customer service with the new, multilingual solution from DDC FPO.

GLS-US partners with DDC in many areas of its business, including the BPO’s well-known freight billing programs. According to Joe Bartone, Vice President of Solutions at GLS-US, leaning on DDC to improve its customer experience was a natural progression of the relationship between the two companies.

“Customer satisfaction has never been more important,” said Joe Bartone, Vice President of Solutions at GLS-US. “I have been working with DDC for years, and I know I can trust them with this piece of my business.”

Created as a result of conversations with DDC’s customers who have trusted the company with other business processes for many years, the Customer Care program is designed to turn the average customer lifecycle into a long-term relationship-building funnel and revenue driver, while removing the burdens of recruiting and onboarding staff in-house.

According to Donna Kintop, DDC’s Senior Vice President of Client Experience, the struggle to find and secure inside sales and customer service talent that is reliable, dedicated, and affordable is all too common. 

“We have heard complaints about the never ending quest to hire and keep people. The cost of employing customer service agents is exorbitant and with very high turnover,” said Kintop. “With DDC’s new solution, we save partners about two-thirds of their operating expenses.”

Bartone added, “DDC’s Customer Care offering empowers GLS to meet growing customer expectations and build long-term business relationships at scale.”

Customer Care from DDC solves for staffing, spend, and other issues - including territories and time zones limitations, as well as labor elasticity during seasonal peaks and valleys. 

Kintop explained that the program is not ‘One size fits all.’ “There’s no cookie cutter solution,” Kintop said. “Each of our partners has unique recruitment and training needs. This solution is custom-built for each one.”

The highly customizable and scalable suite of services include omnichannel, multilingual customer service; support for internal processes; and inside sales, sales support, and portfolio management. 

Leveraging years of resolution experience in the highly specialized freight industry, DDC’s best-in-class platform combines automation and digital enablement with a professional, multilingual team of experts. The result is a renewed focus on creating positive experiences that generate repeat business and drive customer loyalty.

With Customer Care, omnichannel support — including voice, text, chat, and email — is available 24/7/365, in over 30 languages. Customer Care agents are available to assist customers with:

  • Product and service inquiries
  • Shipment requests
  • Order tracking
  • POD retrieval
  • Complaint resolution
  • Tech assistance
  • Field guidance

In addition to customer-facing services, DDC’s Customer Care agents can also provide support for internal processes like call routing, accounts payable, debt collections, claims processing, as well as sales and portfolio management services like lead qualification, price quoting, load matching, and more.


DDC FPO is a strategic business process outsourcing (BPO) partner for today’s leading transportation and logistics providers that enables clients to focus on core competencies and achieve their goals. As the freight-focused member company of The DDC Group — a worldwide network of BPO companies — DDC FPO is able to serve clients in over 30 languages across North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Solutions include data-based, goal-driven front- and back-office programs such as Freight Billing, Customs Brokerage Processing, and IT Outsourcing, among others.

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