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Enhancing The Customer Experience Through ‘Customer Lifecycle Engagement’

As we move deeper into the ‘age of the customer’, it has become increasingly important for business organizations to dedicate more time and resources to building out and further refining the customer experience. Today’s generation of consumers possess little to no brand loyalty, and often use convenience as the driving factor behind their purchasing decisions.

Although an argument can be made that this culture exists primarily within the B2C space, the truth is that the B2B environment simply takes a different form. Large and consequential business decisions undoubtedly require more time spent on research and evaluation, but we’ve seen a significant shift in the influences that ultimately lead to a purchasing decision.

It used to be that price dictated an organization’s decision making process. Although it remains an important factor, modern business leaders place more of an emphasis on the overall experience than they do on a price tag. Innovative technology platforms and a dedicated support team, to personalization and seamless communication across multiple channels are driving factors.

How To Transform The Customer Experience Through BPO Outsourcing

While it may seem like a relatively simple process to overhaul an organization’s customer service function, the reality is just the opposite. It’s easy to assume that the transformation process takes place in a single department. In order to create a seamless and scalable customer experience though, change must transcend across all teams and departments within an organization.

To help support these transformation efforts, The DDC Group has created the ‘Customer Lifecycle’ solution. In an effort to facilitate high-quality service and operational capabilities, the Customer Lifecycle solution works to accommodate growing and ever-changing market demands. By leveraging a hybrid model, The DDC Group is able to provide organizations with the flexibility to grow core customer functions onshore while deploying support tasks to offshore locations.

Specifically, the Customer Lifecycle solution addresses three core customer experience categories that can be broken down as follows:

1 . Support

  • Client Services:
    • Outbound and inbound sales
    • Print and fulfillment
    • Mail processing
    • Onboarding and recruiting

  • Functional Services:
    • Debt management
    • Win-back and retention
    • Industry-specific tasks
    • Customer journey issues
    • Payments
    • Direct debt set-up
    • Account review
    • Billing and refund
    • Changes to personal details

  • Customer Services:
    • Query management
    • Complaint management and resolutions

2 . Engage

  • Services:
    • Voice in and out
    • Email management
    • Web chat
    • Social media management
    • SMS
    • Analytics
    • Review/Respond sites
    • Virtual IVR

3 . Insight

  • Services:
    • Surveys
    • Quality assurance
    • Social listening
    • Voice and text analytics
    • DDC OneView
    • All-encompassing MI
    • Trend analytics
    • Focus group management
    • Benchmarking
    • Industry standards

The result of leveraging outsourcing to support customer service functions are significant and ultimately help organizations to:

  • Reduce expenditures
  • Increase capacity and flexibility
  • Improve the customer journey and experience
  • Improve ongoing reporting capabilities
  • Achieve efficient and accurate consolidation of inbound data

To learn more about business process outsourcing and the wide range of business initiatives it can help to support, check out our latest eBook, “How to Achieve Organizational & Financial Agility through Business Process Outsourcing”, or contact a DDC expert today.

How to Achieve Organizational & Financial Agility through BPO

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