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DDC FPO is Named a Top 100 Logistics & Supply Chain Technology Provider for Fourth Consecutive Year

Recently, Inbound Logistics released its 2024 Top 100 Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Providers, which includes DDC FPO for the fourth consecutive year. The list was selected by an esteemed panel of editors from over 400 supply chain and logistics technology providers.

The selection committee closely evaluated each submission’s credentials and portfolios to determine the top 100 technology solutions directly linked to the needs and innovations coming online this year. Inbound Logistics readers use this list to support industry decision-makers as they evaluate their current business models and plan for the future.

“DDC FPO excels at providing solutions that drive supply chain excellence and answer IL readers' needs for simplicity, ROI, and frictionless implementation,” said Felecia Stratton, editor at Inbound Logistics. “Inbound Logistics is proud to honor DDC FPO for continuing to offer our readers solutions that optimize logistics and supply chain excellence and drive enterprise performance.”

DDC FPO was chosen for its innovative offerings, which, when matched with customers' needs, result in optimized processes and streamlined operations.

Key DDC FPO products and solutions mentioned in the 2024 Top 100 Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Providers include:

  • DDC Auto Extraction & Structuring leverages machine learning to receive Bills of Lading and any associated data, then extracts raw data and intelligently matches data to transmit directly to the customer’s system of choice. This also integrates seamlessly with DDC Sync.
  • DDC Sync connects every segment of freight operations, enabling motor carriers to streamline back-office operations, reduce human error, increase driver retention, grow margins, and expedite receivables through intelligent mobile data capture.
  • RPG Programming, one of DDC FPO’s most recent IT Outsourcing solutions provides essential skills, enabling organizations to migrate, maintain, enhance, and innovate their IBM i system without in-house recruitment and retention challenges.

“We are excited to be selected as a part of this list among a very competitive group of tech providers,” said DDC FPO’s Chief Commercial Officer Art Zipkin. “Our goal is to provide support and resources for our clients, wherever needed, to honor their workflow and business efficiencies.”

DDC FPO is proud to stand at the forefront of technology and business solution providers for industries that uphold the nation’s economy, providing goods and services worldwide. These technology services empower digital transformation for companies who wish to maximize their growth and performance potential.

As DDC FPO’s operational reach expands to include nearshore capabilities in Latin America and existing hubs in Asia-Pacific and Europe, 2024 is set to produce increased service potential through a widened scope of solutions uniquely crafted to meet client needs.

To access the full top 100 list by Inbound Logistics, click here

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