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DDC FPO Featured on Inbound Logistics

We were fortunate enough to be featured in a prominent transportation magazine, Inbound Logistics, for our solutions that benefit LTL carriers in North America - through improved accuracy, increased turnaround times, and cost savings averaging 40-60%. Below you can read our featured article, In It to Win It.


DDC FPO Solutions offers quality, low cost, back-office services for the transportation industry, says Chad Crotty, vice president of sales. It is a division of The DDC Group, a worldwide provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

Its customers include many of the largest less-than-truckload carriers in North America, as well as small- and mid-sized carriers and 3PLs. The common thread? "They're looking to reduce costs, streamline business functions, or reallocate internal resources," Crotty says.

Among the services DDC FPO offers are offshore freight billing, both manually and through tech-enabled software; rate auditing, tracking, and tracing; accounts payable processing; analytics; and programmers and coders for many IT projects. "Because DDC specializes in these areas, its standardized processes and quality metrics ensure quality work," Crotty says.

The convergence of globalization and technical advances has helped many business professionals develop a greater sense of comfort in working with companies and people from other parts of the world, Crotty says. It has also enabled organizations to securely complete business processes in real time, in offshore environments. "In the not-too-distant past, global transactions may have taken days or weeks to turn around," he adds.

Even so, when many companies first consider outsourcing, they're concerned that it won't work because of processes unique to their operations. "Every company does operate a little differently and has unique situations that may require learning," Crotty says. However, outsourcing often can provide a higher degree of accuracy, at significantly lower cost.

Before starting to work with new clients, DDC FPO strives to understand as much as possible about their systems and business processes. In most cases, little or no computer integration between the organization and DDC FPO is required. Instead, DDC FPO remotely logs into its clients' systems, usually through a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection.

The typical implementation time frame ranges from a few weeks to several months, or in some cases, up to one year. It all depends on the scale of the functions DDC FPO will be performing, as well as the organization's ability to transition work quickly and efficiently.

DDC FPO usually charges a unit cost per record if it's processing piecemeal paperwork, freight bills, invoices, and the like. However, if its customer is transitioning a skillset to an offshore environment, DDC FPO charges by a full-time equivalent (FTE) rate.

On average, companies that engage DDC FPO can see a savings of between 40 and 60 percent in labor costs, Crotty says. Because DDC FPO specializes in the services it provides, and uses quality metrics to continually improve, its typical error rate is less than 1 percent. That compares to between 5 and 10 percent for many in-house operations, he notes.

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