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DDC FPO is the leading specialist in freight process outsourcing [FPO]: The digitization, capture and processing of bills of lading, invoices and every other documents critical for the freight industry.

We serve as a key partner for logistics companies worldwide, reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies so clients may focus on their core business. Over the past seven years, the DDC FPO team has designed and implemented more freight billing solutions than any other company. The solutions focus on creating a standardized system for each client, enhancing the quality, cost containment and labor elasticity of the freight back-office. Today, DDC FPO processes 30% of all LTL bills in the United States.

Our team has successfully managed and completed hundreds of business process enhancing solutions over the course of the company’s history. We have direct experience spanning the past three decades in mailroom operations, document preparation and scanning, data capture, bill processing and document storage & retrieval services. This experience paired with our expertise and industry-specific training in the transportation sector equips our clientele with:

  • Clear and Concise Process Standardization
  • High Quality, Insightful Metrics
  • Flexible and Scalable Labor Elasticity
  • Long-term, Dependable Cost Containment

To learn more about why DDC FPO is the best partner for your business operation, contact us today.

We understand our clients...

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At DDC FPO, we understand the competitive strength that lies in the individuality of our clients. We seek to support and leverage the strength that lies in this individuality, creating BPO solutions to meet our client’s specific needs, and, most of all, exceed their expectations.