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Manila, PI/November 7, 2013 -- Super typhoon Haiyan is headed straight for the Philippines, and The DDC Group is ready.

Our teams in Manila and Leyte are in disaster recovery mode with preparations in place to secure our offices, backup power, Internet lines and manpower.

With the business continuity plan in motion, Manila production capabilities will be maximized to compensate for any impact in Leyte.

DDC project coordinators will be in constant communication with all of our clients and will be giving hourly updates complete with the number of team members reported, expected project completion times and possible number of hours of extension.

We have 2,500 employees and 9 different facilities in the Philippines for a reason. Our flexible, scalable, around-the-clock staff and facilities guarantee the delivery of the same the high quality performance and efficient TA time that we are known for, regardless of circumstance.

DDC's Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in a nutshell:

A managed process should be developed and maintained for business continuity throughout the organization, that   includes information security requirements needed for the organization's business continuity.
• Business Continuity and Risk Assessment
• Develop and Implement Continuity Plan and Information Security
• Ensure availability of information at required level and required time
• Business Continuity Planning Framework Maintenance
• Testing, Maintain and Re-Assess

Restoration/Risk Mitigation
In case of disaster to any of the two sites namely, the Manila and Leyte offices, both sites will be the fallback or alternate site of each other sites. The Leyte office will have similar resource requirements as that of the Manila Office.
• The ISP Internet provider in each sites will have a backup ISP.
• Crises and disaster response procedures will be documented for the activation of the fallback site.

1. Loss of connection is verified through checking other sites like yahoo by pinging them.
2. If there is a loss of connection, safe (Manila/Leyte) team is immediately informed
3. Allocations are handled by safe team until affected team restores their connection.
4. Restoration of internet connection is emailed to safe team

Post Crisis Review
After every crisis event or testing, the ERT and/or testing team will review the results of the emergency response, and strategies to validate the effectiveness of this BCP. A report  (ex. minutes of meeting) on this shall be submitted.

For more information about this plan or how we leverage our widespread reach and deep connections int hte Philippines to guarantee best-possible service delivery to our clients, fill out our contact form or email us directly at info@datacapture.com.

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