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Nebraska Transport Company: Premier regional LTL carrier providing overnight freight service

Premier regional less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier Nebraska Transport Company (NTC), which has now merged with CrossCountry Freight Solutions, offers quality overnight freight service to and from points within its service area, utilizing interline carriers to make connections to and from destinations in the U.S. and Canada.



NTC realizes stronger business intelligence, new integration capabilities, and significantly improved time efficiency and service quality for customers.

The Challenge: Modernize and streamline critical back office functions through innovative technology

Nebraska Transport Company, a family-owned business since 1973, sought to utilize modern technology solutions to stay competitive and progressive in the dynamic transportation industry. The LTL carrier sought to streamline critical back office functions so that it could achieve stronger business intelligence and augmented performance metrics.


DDC's technology is second to none. By proactively integrating this advanced BPM solution, we are mitigating risks in output quality, allowing for our customers to receive the best possible service available in the market.

The Solution: A customized, tech-forward billing process tailored to NTC’s needs

NTC partnered with DDC FPO to leverage their extensive LTL expertise and global IT network for a customized bill processing program specific to their needs. An advanced BPM solution to improve back office processes moved the LTL carrier closer to its goals of better business intelligence, new integration capabilities and a stronger customer experience.


Goals Achieved

Stronger business intelligence
New integration capabilities with upgraded back office processes
Greatly enhanced time efficiency and record-high accuracy
Long-lasting cost containment
Improved client experience
Boosted risk management with reliable data protection


NTC takes innovation very seriously and believes complacency can be detrimental to a business. With DDC’s BPM solution, they mitigated risks in output quality, allowing customers to receive the best possible service available in the market.



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