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Webinar Replay: Mobile BOL Capture Put to the Test

How One Carrier Achieved Measurable Improvements in Operational Efficiency

Significant advances have been made in back-office operations thanks to mobile image capture.  By bringing together data, people, and processes, companies are able to create heightened levels of efficiency while ensuring that all stakeholders - from beginning to end - are in sync.

Presented in partnership with FreightWaves, explore how the Custom Companies was able to accomplish this for their organization through the adoption of DDC Sync.  Hear insights from key stakeholders about their experience of implementing this high-performing application to optimize LTL operations from beginning to end - including processing data in near-time, improving cross-dock operations, enhancing load planning, elevating the driver experience, and more.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How empowering drivers to capture bills of lading data quickly from the cab of their truck enables The Custom Companies to streamline their planning and improved cross-dock operations

  • The importance of intelligent OCR mobile capture in proactive logistics planning and successful operations management

  • The role of gamification in elevating the driver experience and increasing driver adoption

Watch now to learn more:


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