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POD Retrieval

By leveraging the insight gained after 9 successful years custom-building business process solutions for top U.S. carriers, DDC FPO has crafted its own unique Proof of Delivery (POD) Retrieval solution.

Your staff will now have the ability to check the delivery status of your jobs direct from any web browser. This system gives you the details of time of delivery and name of recipient.

DDC FPO's POD Retrieval Process:

  1. With your unique username and password, DDC's dedicated freight process specialists log into the your client's POD Retrieval Area.
  2. The bill of lading (BOL) number is entered into the POD tracing tool.
  3. POD receipt is automatically generated into a digital image.
  4. Each image is saved  by PRO number and date.
  5. All images are saved into one zip file to ensure no POD receipts are missed.
  6. Full POD status report is generated into an excel spreadsheet.
  7. Zip file and report (spreadsheet) is sent via secure P2P connection to carrier's database/FTP site.

Our e-retrieval is conducted overnight, providing you with up-to-date status updates on your shipments as soon as you begin work the next day. This means you begin quickly and efficiently dealing with enquiries from your customers regarding their shipments with zero delay.

You can view the POD images online, download them, save, print and send (email or fax) them as required. Our freight process specialists can deliver your images into any system, so you don't have to purchase any new equipment or upgrades.

With DDC's e-retrieval of your shipping documents, basic functions are dimensionalized, and your newly streamlined administrative operations suddenly become a very strategic step in your business model.

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