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Freight Rate Auditing Services

DDC FPO examines, adjusts and verifies carrier freight bills for accuracy.

Rising freight cost is an emerging area of concern as seen in recent years, and with high fluctuations of fuel prices, low visibility of future freight costs and high complexity of freight quotes, freight cost verification remains vulnerable to human and process errors. As a result, the freight back office requires proper auditing practices to ensure that the organization does not overpay for services it did not incur.

Unfortunately, many organizations are daunted with calculating freight rates manually, a task that can be especially challenging when the customer has hundreds of shipments shipped each month. Most organizations do not have the manpower to calculate all of the freight invoices issued to them and at best, perform random samplings to assess if invoices are being billed correctly. At the end of the day, the manual and tedious efforts required for a freight audit are undoubtedly more expensive to initiate in-house versus with the help of an outsourced specialist.

The DDC FPO model leverages expertise, scalability, flexibility and system compatibility combined with its industry-trained staff and an extensive list of service capabilities to equip your back office with the knowledge and resources necessary to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s freight audit.

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The DDC FPO Process

  1. After the bill entry process is complete, a DDC FPO dedicated rater will verify all of the important fields indicated by the customer, such as freight term, accessorial charges, destination of shipment, pieces, weight, quote code etc., to properly rate the bill with correct pricing and discounts.
  2. If the rate is incorrect for any reason due to data discrepancies, DDC FPO will review and make necessary corrections then re-calculate to correct rates. BOLs can be placed on hold by DDC FPO for customer confirmation if recalculations are not solving the discrepancies.
  3. After recalculations and rates are completed, the customer will be able to properly invoice its clients.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly cut labor costs
  • Zero capital investment
  • Comprehensive intelligence reports
  • Reduced risks & increased predictability
  • Freed cash flow
  • Tighter controls
  • High accuracy ratings
  • Mitigate errors and discrepancies
  • Around-the-clock processing
  • Faster invoicing
  • Streamlined process throughout
  • Better customer service

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