DDC FPO is a division of The DDC Group. The DDC Group has been reducing costs and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of business processes since 1989.

Founded on the bedrock of low-cost offshore data processing, the privately owned amalgamation of companies offers a wide range of customized services for clients across the globe. With operating units in the US, UK, Philippines, Holland and Bosnia, the central hub of offshore processing is located in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. There, selectively hired, highly skilled and thoroughly trained staff are dedicated to specific DDC clients, specializing in each client’s individual data processing needs. To bring these solutions full circle, DDC has built an extensive network of onshore support for superior project management.

DDC’s hybrid solution of on-and-offshore elements provides clients with a strategic competitive advantage and serves their best interests both locally and remotely.

How it All Began

DDC FPO emerged in 2005 when Watkins Motor Lines approached Art Zipkin, now DDC FPO President, with knowledge of his expertise, in need of assistance with its counter-productive back office functions. Art and the DDC team scheduled a visit to Lakeland, Florida to evaluate the company’s operations. After spending a significant amount of time over several trips to Watkins Motor offices, the root cause of its problems was pin-pointed.

Watkins Motor Lines’ primary issue was lack of standardization in its billing process. This disorganized and decentralized structure led to a ripple effect of inefficiencies, reducing personnel productivity, generating errors and driving up costs terribly.

DDC’s project management team tackled these obstacles head-on with a specifically designed data capture solution. Solely tailored for Watkins Motor’s billing process, the solution was implemented over a 1 ½ years proof of concept. After the rollout was complete, Watkins Motor saw compelling results from the new BOL process standardization. Errors were eradicated, and the company began saving heavy costs.

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Today, DDC FPO provides its innovative solutions to many of the TOP US Freight Carriers, granting those carriers an invaluable competitive edge. DDC FPO is currently entering over 125,000 freight bills per night for our clients.